More pictures of undercover cop ‘Marco’.

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Old ‘friends’ of Marco from Cardiff have described him as a large, stong man, around 5’11” and 15/16 stone. Carrying a little too much weight around the middle. His accent is said to be Derby.

They have also suggested that people who have been in contact him may remember him for his ‘catchphrases’, little phrases that were used frequently to deflect question or discussion, or to lighten situations. “Dear diary…” he’d say when we’d be discussing the days/weeks happenings. “And relax…” at the end of meetings or stressful conversations. Everything was “dinky do”. He’d do a “welfare check” to see how you were, and generally things were ridic/hillar/bloody marv. Other people’s witticisms were greeted with “did you see what he did there?”. And that’s a “negadive” (negative) or “check”.

Cardiff Anarchist Network are in the process of releasing a statement detailing how he was discovered, and how he operated. Should be interesting reading.

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