‘Marco’ confirmed as undercover cop in Cardiff

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A third undercover police officer has today been revealed by the Guardian. Mark Jacobs, known as ‘Marco’, operated in Cardiff for four years, infiltrating the Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN) and other groups including international anti-globalisation networks, No Borders, and the early Climate Camps.

His former girlfriend is reported as saying “I was doing nothing wrong, I was not breaking the law at all. So for him to come along and lie to us and get that deep into our lives was a colossal, colossal betrayal.”

Other activists have claimed that as well as disrupting activities and gathering information, he created and nurtured disagreement and division within the group, turning members of the group against each other.

10 thoughts on “‘Marco’ confirmed as undercover cop in Cardiff

  1. Check out this piece:

    “Having become increasingly convinced that Kennedy was not telling his police handlers everything about his undercover life, surveillance cameras were installed aboard Tamarisk. The spy was being spied upon by his own handlers — and the four-man surveillance team were horrified by what they saw.

    ‘He was having sex with another activist,’ a senior police source told me. ‘It was all there on the ­surveillance tapes.”


  2. That stuff about the cops spying on their own nark, cameras being installed on Mark Kennedy’s boat etc….I detect a strong smell of arse-covering bollocks by the rozzerati.

  3. Much covering of arses me thinks.. I for one will not believe a single word that falls from the lips of either the cops or these twisted snitches..It just smacks of Orwellian thought police..

    I smell bacon..Can anyone else smell bacon?

  4. I was talking to people last nght who pointed out how are the guardian checking these people are cops?

    Are they just going to ACPO and ACPO are just saying yes? As that would be strange and perhaps the Guardian are just accusing people they know wouldn’t have enough money to sue them for a good story?

    It would be interesting to know.

    same guy also said this Marco guy was in Brighton with Smash EDO before Cardiff.

  5. It should be pointed out that it is not the mainstream media that are discovering these cops, it is us, activists all over the country. Unfortunately, those in Cardiff only felt sure he was a cop when he ‘disappeared’, when no-one could confront him. The problem they had even then was the absence of ‘proof’ sufficient to convince a doubting activist community. Although those in Cardiff alerted activists as much as they could, there was pressure not to publish ‘unless you have cast iron proof’. The Guardian was able to get that proof. I don’t know how, but I know that their lawyers would not allow the story to go to print unless they were sure of its accuracy.

    Personally, I didn’t and don’t need the Guardians endorsement to be sure he is a cop. This man has caused untold damage to organisations and individuals. And regardless of what Kennedy has said – and no, I don’t believe a word of what he says – there are definitely others out there.

  6. I’ve only just got round to saying this:

    Mac, I hope that it’s not from me that you can smell bacon; I’m not a police officer, I’m a decent member of society! No, the main thing that got me about that claim that Kennedy was spied on by other officers was that not only was the poor woman having sex with someone she didn’t know was a police officer, but that at least four other officers saw her having sex – just appalling. Oh, and I doubt that the surveillance team would have been “horrified” by what they saw, more likely titillated and pleased that they had something to tell their boss.

  7. Fred..The comment was not intended for you my friend..But those twisted individuals who think that destroying & manipulating people’s lives is an acceptable action..

    “Really Fit” hit the nail on the head when he/she pointed out that the mainstream media are months behind on this story..Sources like Schnews, Indymedia & Fitwatch have been at the forefront of these revelations & long may then continue to expose the bent practices that are undertaken in the name of law & order (cough cough)

    It seems we are entering a new chapter, one where our own paranoia is being used against us. I only hope that we, regardless of out causes or aims. can stand together in the face of these tactics.

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