Lyn Watson named as Leeds undercover cop

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Yesterday saw further revelations about undercover police activity in the protest movement. This time it was a woman, operating in Leeds. The Guardian published details of her activities as Officer A. But she was named on Indymedia as Lyn Watson. Indymedia have also published this picture of her.

Lyn was an ‘action medic’, someone who provided first aid to protesters injured during protest activity, such as from police baton strikes. It was a role which kept her in the thick of the action while removing pressure for her to be active personally in actions or demonstrations.

The Guardian also published fresh revelations that Mark Kennedy had set up two security companies along with key personel from ‘Global Open’, a private security firm with a history of keeping tabs on protesters. The industry has a strong track record in recruiting ex-police intelligence officers. It now seems that far from leaving the Met to support the protest movement, Mark Kennedy left in order to pursue a corporate intelligence venture.

There are clearly other officers that are, or have been, working under cover in protest groups. It remains to be seen whether any more will be ‘outed’ in the press.

11 thoughts on “Lyn Watson named as Leeds undercover cop

  1. Urggg!!! Oh god, pixelate her again!

    (If you have any other pictures then show those as well because people can look quite different from different angles.)

  2. An anonymous poster asks for evidence.

    Perhaps this anonymous poster really is a baby bird. Sitting on its backside, beak wide open, squawking loudly and expecting mummy bird to ram food down its throat. I have no idea.

    Fitwatch pointed to Indymedia. Given that this alien is called “Officer A” in the Guardian then perhaps our baby bird could point a web browser at Indymedia and look for some food themselves. I’m not mummy bird and I don’t think Fitwatch is either.

  3. So if Mark Kennedy is setting up businesses involved in surveillance of protest groups, do you think he will drum up more business or less by highlighting the role of the police in this kind of action.

    If the police are criticised and do less of this, there will be demand to do it privately. Either for the police or for corporations. Is this part of the big society?

  4. The Guardian article linked to from above says “It was also revealed that the second undercover agent – “Officer A” – was arrested for glueing herself to the Department for Transport during a protest against Heathrow’s expansion in February 2008.” IIRC, that demo was at the 2007 Climate Camp (the Guardian may have done this on purpose), but there’s an article and photos on Indymedia on the demo –

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