Met’s published photos – info for students id’d

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Once again the Met have released a set of images of people they want in connection with the student protests last Thursday.

If you or one of your mates is one of them, you’ll be worried and unsure about what to do. Before you do anything, read this first.

The dilemma is this – if you hand yourself in, you are DEFINITELY throwing away your chance of walking away from all this. If you don’t hand yourself in, you MIGHT get caught anyway – or you might not. And they MIGHT give you a slightly tougher sentence – or they might not.

Handing yourself in does NOT guarantee a softer sentence. Those who gave themselves up after disorder at the Gaza protests a couple of years ago, DID NOT get noticeably lesser sentences than others.

The fact they have published your photo means that they probably DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE. The police have a hard job tracking people down just from a photo.

Even if you have previous convictions, there are lots of reasons why they still won’t know who you are. They may not be able to get a link to your police record just by having a photo. If the picture they have is not clear, or you have changed appearance, they have no chance.

GOING TO A LAWYER at this stage may NOT BE A GOOD IDEA. If you go to a lawyer for advice they will tell you to hand yourself in – they will be duty bound to do so.

Having the name of a good lawyer to keep in your back pocket in case the worst happens may be a very good idea.

You might want to read the advice FITWATCH gave after the Millbank demo. It may be relevant.

STAY PROUD of yourself. The police were brutal and violent on Thursday. Defending yourself and others against police attack should not be treated as a criminal act.

IF you are arrested:
Say NO COMMENT to ALL questions in interview. DO NOT justify yourself to the police. DO NOT comment on why you were there. DO NOT comment on who you were with. DO NOT comment on what you did. SAY NOTHING – for your own protection and that of others.
Get in touch with defendants support at Green and Black Cross.

36 thoughts on “Met’s published photos – info for students id’d

  1. Elderly wife of inbred parasitical German poked by stick. Major enquiry. Alfie Meadows on life support, Jody McIntyre thrown out of wheelchair. Sweet F.A. Don’t get mad, get even.

  2. Bindmans LLP seem to have done well defending G20 prosecutions and they just got photographer David Hoffman £30K after he lost his teeth on a riot shield. If I was in a spot of bother I’d definitely call them…

  3. If I was arrested I’d call a lawyer. That is when they do their job. If I’m on a Met police rogues gallery, I wouldn’t. Once I tell a lawyer that is me in that picture, they are going to advise that I hand myself in – they have to, because they cannot be complicit in any deception.

    But I’d rather not need a lawyer. I’d rather just keep my head down, and not be nicked at all. Hence, in this situation, lawyers may not be the best people to talk to.

  4. Better still, don’t get involved in violent disorder and you won’t get arrested. Despite the posting, the Met generally put photos up of the most violent/disorderly individuals as these are the ones they are most likely to get a conviction with. Don’t for one minute think that the best way forward is to go No Comment. The Old Bill love that. They will put things to you in interview and if you choose not to answer the courts will seriously question any defence you subsequently put forward. You are always better off coming up with your defence in a police interview. As previously stated though, if you are worried about getting caught, don’t get involved.
    Ron Broxted….. PoW was born in this country, it makes no difference what his heritage. Comments like yours are merely racist and do nothing to help. Whether he is part of the establishment or not, how can you justify him being attacked. God forbid it should be your grandad and grandma in that car!

  5. I hope that Member of Public never discovers that their view of the police is naive and is lucky enough to continue in ignorance. Not everyone the police arrest has done wrong. With the Ratcliffe raid 114 were arrested but only 26 were charged, which completely destroys Member of Public’s thesis. We don’t know yet whether any of the 26 were guilty.

    Being arrested is a relatively good outcome, the police have never been held to account for the “crime” of carrying a table leg (Harry Stanley) and the “crime” of sitting on a train (Jean Charles de Menezes), in both cases the victim was murdered by the police.

    No Comment is the right approach until one has had the chance to speak with a trusted solicitor. When someone has done that they need to accept the advice they have been given, or face the possible consequences.

    Ron Broxted was provocative about Prince Charles and his bird, but you didn’t answer his point. The press had extensive coverage of them, but nothing on Alfie Meadows and Jody McIntyre who se cases are far more important.

  6. My grandparents are dead. Why would anyone want to attack an elderly Irish couple? My grandparents worked hard and got little. Charles and the von Battenbergs are born, keep breathing and get a lot. Now then Constable MoP you are wrong about No Comment. I was lifted once in North Wales. By keeping schtumm one can see where the questions are leading. Being arrested is like oral sex – a slip of the tongue and you are in the shit.

  7. Ignore the comment above, it is clearly a Police troll. Police interviews are there to gather evidence against you…therefore, USE YOUR RIGHT TO SILENCE. SAY NOTHING. You will be able to give your version of events in court (if it goes that far – often, when you say no comment, it never gets that far as they DONT HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE even for the flimsiest of cases). Unlike talking in the police station, you are helping a jury decide the balance of evidence in a proper legal environment. Which is far from perfect, but FAR PREFERABLE to stitching yourself and others up in a Police interview. Think about it!!!!!

  8. @pubicmember …or my granddaughter and grandson’s lived experience, everyday, wrecked before they even exist and noone stood up for them, for fear of “getting invloved”.
    “Ooh! A car!” I’ll say. “We peasants used to have a chance of riding in one of those once. Before we allowed the state to complete its agenda of totalitarian exploitation in the interests of the few while convincing the many that it was natural and default and not worth resisting thereby staunching revolutionary surges.”
    “4 REaL$ G-mA?” they’ll chortle. “Doubleyes xfactorness, n00bomungus; sounds flasher than uncle Dave’s silicon rag-on-stick for totes.”
    You may not believe in the generational pact/obligation, but I do. The future does happen. Does it all the time. Has done for ages.

    Imagination. Optimism. Information. Justice. The future. If we choose.

  9. lets hope anyone convicted of any violence and atrocities has the book thrown at them, jailed for a long time and most in a cat a prison….

  10. I was questioned by Plod and I answered their questions: I landed myself right in the shit. I was young then; I’m a lot wiser now. If you don’t fancy answering their questions, ask them why they’re asking you! (It drives them mad!!)

  11. In any other country you attack the Police like that and you will be in for a world of hurt. Pathetic these idiots portraying themselves as victims of ‘brutal’ policing, you don’t know the meaning of the word. The Met are soft as heck and bend over backwards to be PC.

  12. Get rid of your coat, hat and jeans if you think you have anything to worry about. Even if they are your favorite ones. In future, can be a good idea to swap coats with your friend on the day. Wear clothes that make you blend into the crowd.

  13. To make it clear, I wasn’t suggesting anybody call a lawyer before they need to. Just suggesting that, from my personal experience and from what I’ve seen in the press, Bindmans have been scoring very well against plod. A call to them is going to be a whole lot more useful than a call to the lawyer that daddy used to sort out your trust fund when you’re facing a five stretch…

  14. FITWATCH: you comment about lawyers being called in to do their job. Having seen Riz Khan speak at several demos recently, it’s worth noting that your average solicitor is mighty pissed off about cuts to legal aid and other cuts in general, too. in others words, it’s worth remembering that people are likely to find a good deal of support from the non-statutory branches of the legal system at the moment.

  15. Actually, its “SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA” for the queens side of the family, and
    “SHLESWEIG-HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-GLUCKSBURG” or “BATTENBERG” for Philips side. But, it doesnt matter what race/nationality they are – they are ruling class scum, thats why we hate them :)

  16. Or here’s another thought.

    Don’t go around smashing up iconic historical buildings and statues which represent that which you seem to be always protesting about – freedom. And smashing up a court. Wise move that.

    I have to hand it to those responsible for damaging property and fighting the ol’ bill. You’ve managed to turn a large number of the public against your cause. Had the protests been peaceful you’d have a heck of a lot more support.

    As for thinking the Met and TSG are thugs, go and try fighting the Italian police. You’ll be begging for a Met cuddle!

  17. nice to see the kettling protest worked at Scotland Yard NOT 30 demonstraters turned up in an attempt to surround Scotland yard.They had no support of NUS and consequently failed in their action.The only thing that was a success was the face recognition system that enabled police to pick out any person that they wanted to speak to about the atrocities over the last month

    Disgruntled student

  18. I do wish that people would wake up to the fact that there are MANY DIFFERENT REALITIES and you are NOT going to please them all..Yes people got their teeth n claws back and broke things..oo how awful well consider this..maybe they dont think we should be afforded the luxury of the nice reasonable lives we have whilst our government with our money take their eapons of mass destruction around the world like part of a bullying tag team with the yanks ;;last year in this country 9 old people died AN HOUR from nov to march in COLD related deaths but hey lets make a placard and ASK the 18 milliionaires if they will do something about it, maybe those throwing stuff feel ashamed at our lack of commitment to making a real change, given that there is a GENOCIDE in our name going on..we are PAST fluffy and YES fluffy would be wonderful but we NEED to feel we are ENTITLED THIS COUNTRY HAD ITS TEETH N CLAWS REMOVED A LONG TIME AGO PSYCHOLOGICALLY ..WE ARE GETTING THEM BACK :-)….ALSO……Hmm yes there has been a few set ups like the police van that got trashed and what WAS all that stuff like lots of big slabs of concrete and bollards and all sorts of metal building tools just lying around on regent street that I passed trying to catch up with the protesters, having just spoken to a laughing middle class bloke talking on his mobile about charles and camilla being ‘kettled’ ..that was an inside job, gut feeling…Alsdo agree that the Met are pussycats compared with the french italian old bill as for the germans their riot squad are 6’4″ ninjitsu bavarians who dont fuck about, apparantly..and on John Pilger last night ( I LOVE john Pilger) it was fleeting but clear that there are very disgruntled top level military personnel that are on it as much going on ..blink and you will miss it..what exciting times eh EH :-) X some caps are deliberate some are bad typing

  19. To ‘Member of the public’ Who wrote:

    ‘that the police love it when people say no comment as it will go against people in court’

    Well that is a complete load of rubbish, the advise from FIT watch is accurate.
    The only reason the police ever ask questions, is to get more evidence against you! Nothing good can ever come from speaking to the police. Even if you are innocent!

    Watch this video by a law professor to understand more!

    (or if this link doesn’t show up go on youtube and search for dont speak to the police)

  20. Ratcliffe guilty? Nobody is guilty if the system is weighed against you. I called for a dichotomy, two series of offences, one criminal (mugging, theft, cruelty to animals) one political (daring to go on a protest march, itself a political act demonised). As for 2011? Wear the uniform, pay the price. See you at the barricades constable.

  21. “Now that we know the Ratcliffe defendants are Guilty would anybody like to change or retract their comments above?”

    I’m not going to change or retract any of the comments I made above. The fact that some people have been falsely convicted does not change the point I made.

  22. hi best not to say anything, not even no comment,if you say no comment they can play the whole interview to the jury.they use, this as an opportunity to make you look other thing, can anybody tell me wether the police have ever released their footage of ian thompson murder,or werent the cameras working that day,as was the case with john charles.

  23. can any enlighten me as to why the police orificer that said she was sruck by the fire extinguser thrown by edward woolard,has never been charged with purgery,and why this was not reported,by all the newspapers that were sitting in court with me.

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