Rogues Gallery from yesterday

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A selection of outside agitators from yesterday’s demonstration.

CO5466 Cowlin; note NATO helmet at side

CO2558, Stephen Discombe

VK3??; this was taken before anything resembling disorder had occurred

VK514; this photograph was taken before anything resembling disorder had occurred

ZD57; this photograph was taken before anything resembling disorder had occurred

PL?? on left, PL72 on right in Russell Square

EK68 on left, CO2558 Stephen Discombe lurking in the backgrounds

EK68 on left of photographer, MD187 on right. Note hail of missiles necessitating NATO helmets

PL1, PL16


32 thoughts on “Rogues Gallery from yesterday

  1. Some of these men turn up at demonstration after demonstration without any clear interest in the matter at hand – it seems they will attach themselves to any cause to further their own agenda. They are suspected of maintaining records on ‘suspects’ in possible contravention of the Data Protection Act, and using these records – which are supposed to include photographs and hearsay – for a campaign of intimidation and harassment. Some of them, including the man in sunglasses, have no obvious affiliation with the areas in which they appear and can only be there for no good purpose.

  2. Don’t understand why police are photographed as agitators. They weren’t the ones breaking windows, defacing Winston Churchill statue, attacking the royal family, scaring shoppers & local residents etc etc. Those are the people you should be collecting evidence on. The yobs that turned what should have been a peaceful demonstation into a riot. If rain is forecast take mac. Similarly riot gear if intelligence suggests it will be needed.

  3. Just to point out – police beat Alfie Meadows so badly he had a BLEED IN HIS BRAIN. He required emergency surgery.
    Journalist Shiv Malik was beaten by police, leaving him in need of five stitches. He was denied treatment by an officer and a police medic.
    Jody McIntyre was pulled from his wheelchair and beaten on TWO seperate occasions.

    The police didn’t do their job yesterday. They kettled thousands of peaceful protesters and refused to let them leave for hours. They kettled people on westminster bridge until 23:45, denying them food, water & medical attention – despite several people passing out.

    The police protected no-one but themselves.

  4. @Anon, No, the police are useless, utterly crap only there for the rich. @Kev who gives a flying fuck about Churchill? I am dead against any idiot going near the Cenotaph that is for ALL people. A lot of stuff can be dealt with “in house”, the last march I was on anyone acting up got twatted by OUR security. We are the law, not some cowardly corrupt mendacious racist bit of shit. Yobs? The only ones I saw were in a “serial” now fuck off Constable!

  5. The police are photographed as agitators as that’s what they are. In the past demonstrations used to be allowed to proceed to their conclusion, something which has not happened to some of the recent student demonstrations. Rather, the police have been out to gain revenge for what happened on November 10, penning thousands of people in Whitehall (a trick I doubt they’ll try again for a while) on 24 November, penning people in Trafalgar Square on 30 November and penning people in and assaulting them on 9 December.

    Let me be clear, on the day the police provoked and fomented the disorder. This is no new thing. It has happened before, for example at the Poll Tax riot in 1990, Welling in ’93, Hyde Park in ’94… The message to the demonstrators is intended to be, get to fuck off the streets or you’ll get a hiding. Judging from the response of protesters the other day, the police are going to have to think again.

  6. I seem to recall watching the news where the ‘peaceful’ protestors were trashing various buildings and lobbing all sorts, including smashed up breeze blocks at other human beings (the police). Yes, they have a job to do in keeping the peace and preventing damage to property, but if those missles had hit another protestor, causing serious injury then the ‘agitators’ would be the ones seriously in trouble.

    On Thursday the police certainly were not the ‘agitators’. You are just trying to brush away the blame from yourselves.

  7. @Pumpkin, police as human? Fnnr, fnnr. Do you see us as human? After the P.R disaster that was “Coppers” (Riot squad) one thinks not. Wear the uniform, pay the price. Oderint dum metuant? Bring it on mo’fo!

  8. we lost the propaganda war at the last demo when the cops staged the muggin of Charlie’s car, that was a fit up to get the people behind them. After the bad press from the previous demo when they were accused of “Child Abuse” for kettling kids, they were not interested in anything but making us look bad. And they succeeded.
    Dont be outraged at the suggestion Ron, for how do you know they didn’t.
    BTW As for Churchill, well he set the army on a demo and was an active campaigner against the suffragett movement and was in Parliament when the cops beat and killed 2 women fighting for their rights outside of Parliament. He was also a man who didnt know whether to be a tory or a liberal.

  9. I think its a shame that these self styled ‘police’ turn up to demonstrations with nothing on their mind but inflicting violence on young children. And predictably not a word of condemnation from the media – its political correctness gone mad!

  10. Interesting to see police officers covering their faces and not wearing their numbers. Clearly don’t want to be identified if they go beyond the call of duty. i.e. beating the shit out of defenceless civilians. If there is no trouble the police will start it! The new Norman nobility who see themselves as above the law. I heard some windbag politician talking about arresting people on demos for covering their faces, he could start with the TSG and their ilk!

  11. tbh Kevin has a point. Much as I hate to say it – we should keep tabs on people who are gonna run amok, just as much as the Police who are collating evidence against us.

    If I saw people at one demo, who I’d seen smashing shit up at ANOTHER demo, I’d wanna talk to them and make sure they weren’t gonna do the same thing – it DOESN’T HELP OUR CAUSE.

    It only pisses people off and the “sheep” in the general public masses start to think that protesters in general are an abhorrence.

    We need solidarity, and that includes, as a body of peaceful protesters, making sure oiks don’t facilitate police brutality.

    And I gotta ask – why so many pics of normal coppers? Or am I missing something? I been taking details and pics of FIT only for the past few weeks, don’t see a reason to take pics of anyone else unless they’re brutal fuckers.

  12. These cops are not ‘normal coppers’, they are working as forward intelligence. FIT does not only cover police photographers, it also includes cops who gather intelligence through audio and written reporting.

    The last three big student demos have had intelligence officers monitoring them from the start, although not overtly with cameras.

    They all used to wear the distinctive blue bib, but now they seem happier just wearing normal yellow hi-vis. They are hard to pick out from the crowd, which is why I think the author published these pictures.

    Look out for cops hanging around in pairs, rather than with a larger serial. They will frequently take written notes or make audio recordings. Their job is to map the crowd – agitators, organisers, peer leaders, known individuals etc.

    FIT are much more than a few people who take pictures.

  13. In this area of your site have a series of photos of officers standing around some dressed approp. following previous incidents Are you saying their mere existance is provocative? As the future educated generation of this country wishing to express a point of view this comes across as an infantile attempt of teddy out of pram. I am sure you can put your mind to expressing your views in a more accurate, well founded, more productive and socially useful way.

  14. Having read the comments here I am, for the first time as a graduate myself, actually glad I will not be paying for the education of some of you. I cannot see how, through your purile arguements, that you are worth spending the money on. Don’t do it to youselves drop out now.

  15. coppers just want to abuse you just try & complain & they all stick up for each other. If the public did half the stuff they do, we would be locked up & the key thrown away.

  16. I wonder where PL1111 was on Thursday, he likes filming shoppers in Lewisham picking up leaflets from the pension age dangerous agitators of the ‘save our services ‘ stall.

  17. Anon 1406
    Having been attending demonstrations for the last 20 years, it’s been my experience that the police usually start off by leaving the riot helmets to one side. Usually you’ll see them start off mostly kitted up but with a cap on instead of the NATO helmet – see, for example, Gerry Northam’s book, ‘Shooting in the dark’ where he talks about this (and that’s from 1988). When the police put on riot gear they generally intend to use it, and it’s a fair sign that something will happen from their side. As for the cops above being ‘normal’ cops, they aren’t. All of them are gathering information on people attending the demonstration for their own nefarious purposes, none of which have any recognisable connection to the public good.

  18. The two VK cops seem to have their names on patches just above the met police logo. Both see to have tried t cover them with a radio and a pen.

  19. Ron _ am the Head Teacher of a highly respected school which you clearly did not attend, we would have worked on your spelling. However lets raise the level of the arguement past the gutter.

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