Do you recognise these men?

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This man was spotted by Fitwatchers behaving suspiciously as the march made it’s way down Whitehall. We were able to ascertain he was not a journalist, but admitted to being there because of the protest (although was obviously not protesting).

The same man was later seen by another trusted independent source along with another man who they’d also seen flanking the march throughout the day. Both men were seen at Trafalgar Square working with FIT to identify people in the kettle.

Keep observant – keep watching – and email – with any information.

Following information received we have removed the second photo from the site. The man who was pictured is known to people, and although some felt it was good his photo remained on the site as he is not be trusted, he is also not a cop, so we have removed the picture.

7 thoughts on “Do you recognise these men?

  1. I’m confident that there were also two plainclothes outside trafalgar waterstones after dark, a few minutes before the tesco trouble. Matching navy trousers with standard issue boots, but considerably tubbier and older than the guy above. Shifty and on mobiles, no pictures though.

  2. Wow, so you moved a picture because he was not a cop, but you said that he was a cop, for a whole. How very thorough of your website. So what if there are undercovers milling about. I should imagine – and bloody hope – there are undercover cops everywhere, you know, dealing with crime…..I know this might sound crazy, but i reckon very few criminals will attempt crime when they see UNIFORMED cops about…so it’s kind of understandable, right. Many of the protesters said there were street gangs and thugs in amongst the protesters. Should that be dealt with? Many photographers said they had to leave early on as they didnt trust their expensive kit would be safe…..tin foil hat, anyone?

  3. And also, the FIT teams arent really covert in there gathering of intel, so what are these undercovers doing? If they are spotting the trouble makers, then so what, good. If they are causing trouble and acting as “agent provocs” then surley they would be using undercovers who look like students (long hair, skinny jeans etc), with face coverings, not middle aged blokes all dressed in black who look like off duty police officers reporting back to base. I dont see what harm there is even IF these people pictured are indeed undercover cops? Seems odd to me that people are so scared of intel gathering. We have had our pictures taken by a zillion CCTV cameras for years, card details kept from our chip and pin cards for years, data stored…..Im still yet to be set-up as the 5th murderer of JFK. The world hasnt caved in. If the argument is further “erroding of civil liberties” then who is going to prove that the protester who punched the cop, who punched the protester back, is innocent, had there not been a FIT camera. How will innocent, and guilty cops get caught had there not been FIT teams to show what really happened? People seem to forget that the camera footage used on a lot of the so called “police brutality” videos are FROM police cars, police cells, CCTV, head cams on cops and FIT teams. They are always kept and stored and avalible for the IPCC to have a look and end a cops future. Sorry, but I just cant understand your mentality. I’m pretty certain my comments will be deleted, as i’m not smacking any of you lot on the back in blind support, but hay-ho…I think if everything, everywhere was on camera and kept, there would be no injustices in the world. None. Can you see my point. Asking for there to be NONE, is taking a step back and letting bad things happen and bad people get away with those bad things.

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