We’re back!

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And with a secure server, massive coverage and a clear message that we’re here to stay.

On Monday night we received notification that our site had been suspended due to “attempting to pervert the course of justice” due to our posting offering advice to the Millbank students. Whilst the email requesting the site be closed on the basis it was being used for “criminal activity” came from DI Paul Hoare, from the Police Central e-crime Unit, the authorisation to close was given much closer to home, by acting Detective Inspector Will Hodgeson. Hodgeson, who was involved in the first Fitwatch case, and has sat through many of our trials and appeals, evidently finally had enough and decided to shut us down.

However, through totally underestimating the power of social media, this pathetic attempt has failed miserably. Within minutes of networking what had happened, people were re-publishing the post anywhere and everywhere. There are now over 100 sites carrying the original post – we haven’t managed to count them all. We have been overwhelmed by the support and solidarity and send massive thanks to everyone who’s offered to help and reposted the information. If we haven’t replied personally, it’s only because we’ve been inundated, and haven’t had time.

This was a real attempt to squash dissent and criticism of the police, as well as attempting to stifle common sense advice to protesters subject to a witch hunt by the right wing press. The solidarity given by so many people has ensured this hasn’t happened, and has shown we can fight back. Even if we were to be arrested and prosecuted now, we would still be grateful to CO11 for the amount of publicity they’ve generated for us.

We’re back, and we’re stronger than ever.

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  1. Glad you got over the police attempt at repression so quickly.

    The fact that they try to suppress Fitwatch, in the real world as well as on-line, shows that they are scared of the truth about dodgy actions by the police being revealed to the public.

    Big hug, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  2. Woo Hoo!!! The Metropolitan Police and their big size 15 plodding boots strikes again. I wonder how long it’ll take them to extract the Commissionaire’s foot from the arse of Will Hodgeson, Acting Detective Inspector! Obviously the techy amongst them!

    Really, it does surprise me on a daily basis how bloody incompetent they are., keep up your good work FITWATCH

    Shameless plug to my Spot the Difference http://miniurl.com/67250 (thanks for tweeting the link)

  3. Good to see you’re back up. Maybe you should consider hosting with PRQ in Sweden, who specialise in “refugee hosting” for sites that have been taken down elsewhere. It’s run by the Pirate Bay guys and hosts Wikileaks among others, so they’re pretty good at avoiding being taken down. No idea how much they cost, but maybe worth a look: http://prq.se/?intl=1

  4. The police do a fine job and deserve recognition for all the work they do protecting us normal folk from violent yobs and criminals. This blog is so focused on bashing police but I imagine there are times everyone here is glad to know the police are there to help them when they need them.

    If this was a blog advising murderers, rapists and paedophiles I would expect the same response to shut it down because lets face it all criminals do the same things to escape the law and the fact they know they have done wrong.

  5. Welcome back!

    Censorship is suddenly growing in the UK. Yesterday (tuesday 16th November) that bastion of civil liberties The Guardian started deleting left wing comments on it’s ‘Comment is Free’ pages of its web site, and making these commentators ‘premoderated’ – effectively gagging them.
    I had this happen for just pointing out that Millbank’s landlords have an address in a tax haven, The Virgin Islands. This information is in the public domain on the government Land Registry web site… Something strange is going on, and I don’t like it.

    Good luck


  6. I made an official complaint about acting scout leader hodgeson to the DPS
    This is a cut n paste of what I posted on the Guardian


    After giving it a little more thought may I remind peoplet that Will Hodgeson, an acting member of CO11, the Metropolitan Police public order branch has shown himself to be at the very least incompetent and naive and the very worst trying to bypass the rule of law and the judiciary.

    You can complain here about his own attemnpt at perverting the course of justice

    DPS Customer Service Team
    Jubilee House
    230-232 Putney Bridge Road
    SW15 2PD

    You can also telephone the DPS Customer Service Team on : 020 8785 8666 Minicom or the Textrelay no: 18001 is available for deaf and hard of hearing people.

    This was a public servce announcement.

  7. Hey, just found this site thanks to the police.

    When will people learn that if you take something from the internet, it will grow back even stronger

  8. Just wanted to say a personal huge thanks to everyone that supported us over the last few days. Also to those who have given a great deal of their time, effort and expertise to get us back on line.

    It has been incredible to see such solidarity in response to police censorship. The state may want to control the internet, but it is clearly a long way from being able to. The Met tried it on, and lost.

  9. The police often do a fine job and deserve recognition for the work they do when protecting us normal folk from violent yobs and criminals. But this is not one of those occasions.

    This is an occasion when the police were trying to suppress a web site which has exposed their wrongdoing many times. Do you think the police were doing a fine job when they assaulted members of Fitwatch at Kingsnorth and falsely imprisoned them for four days? I don’t. The video of the assaults is available if you want to check it out. There is a whole report at http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/video/2009/jun/21/fit-watch-kingsnorth-arrests and you will see that other police officers stood idly by while these assaults were taking place, just as happened with Ian Tomlinson.

    The police must have thought they had got Fitwatch. Some vague legal guff that would never stand up in court, a vague threat and a computer company all too eager to do whatever the police wanted them to do. The police may even think that Fitwatch are criminals and so few would stand up for them. But if they think that they are wrong, Fitwatch are the sort of upstanding citizens we need more of to drag the country out of the mire.

    The NATO doctrine of an attack on one is an attack on all is valid here, when the police attacked Fitwatch those who stand with them took what actions they could to respond. The response probably amazed the police. They have shown that they are not bright enough to understand the issues people are protesting about and the strength of their convictions. They are not dealing with criminals who are doing things for their own benefit. The students marching will mostly have left before the LibCon proposals could be introduced, climate campaigners will be dead before the worst effects happen.

    Congratulations to Fitwatch for responding so quickly, they are the ones who have done the most in response to the police attack on them on Monday. I have read the web site for a couple of years, but never felt the need to make posts until the police attacked Fitwatch. Congratulations Acting Inspector Knacker, you have made me feel even less respect for the police.

    The police should be doing their job of helping people protest, if asked. Instead they are trying to suppress the people who have the right ideas.

  10. Also never been on the webbsite, but seeing as the IPCC is just another arm of the police, organisations like FITWATCH are important if we want to strive for accountablity of the police and the furthering of democratic participation

  11. i cannot understand why the Met wanted to shut this site down.
    The same advice was given to me by my grandad, when I was a student!
    Keep up the good work, and the oppressors at bay!

  12. Heard about your site through the news going around on one of the tech blogs I read. I see your servers appear to be over on my side of the pond. Rumor is the police are going to attempt to use our DMCA law to try and shut you down as well as talk your domain name register into pulling your URL. You might want to see if you can find a sympathetic company to register the domain here or just a general .org. The DMCA is a piece of loosely written copyright law that Congress passed while in bed with movie studios and software companies, so there are all kinds of ways the police could write up a claim to pull you off again. Sometimes companies here will just threaten to file lawsuits so prevent you from doing anything they don’t like with their products, claiming you might find out trade secrets or patent information. However, if you can prove the filing party had no legitimate claim to file a DMCA suit against you, they are open to fines and/or jail time for essentially committing perjury.
    Wish I had more to offer in way of help. :/

  13. Due to the Streisand effect and The Register I have discovered your site.
    I am delighted that you are back up but also appauled that the police have seen fit to try and silence you.
    Great site, keep up the excellent work.

  14. In advising people to effectively lie in court (claiming not to recognise themselves in video evidence even when they did) you have crossed a very serious line. People will laugh and joke about having made the police look silly, but the reality is that this episode has done untold damage to your credibility – and this coming from someone who has previously supported your actions…

    So. Line crossed. Naughty boys…

    A far bigger line here has been crossed by the police though, in that they appear to have contacted both your hosting provider and your domain registrant, implying they have the authority to insist they withhold your services for the next twelve months. This, respectfully, is HUGE. It is the police making it up as they go along, and it needs to be countered.

    So, whilst I’m not exactly sure whether I will be quite so keen to support you from here on in, I’m pleased you’re back on the net.

    You might want to investigate whether your previous host is in breach of their terms and conditions when hosting your service. It is not for the police to determine that a crime had been committed – we have courts for that.


  15. Good to see you back? Fuck off.

    You’re all wankers.. how can you get away with helping irresponsible little twats who want to ‘make a statement’ by acting like utter, utter twats.

    Fuck freedom of speech if people like you continue to provide such a ‘service’ to idiots.

  16. Well done Fitwatch, good on you for getting back again so fast. As usual the police make arses of them selves.

    For some reason I can only get on to the Fitwatch site when I am using Tor.

  17. I’d just like to thank the Met for introducing me to your fine website which I will certainly keep bookmarked. And, of course, thank you to Fitwatch; the fact that the police think they can arbitrarily censor and corrupt the free passage of information is proof of just how important this work is. You have my full support.

  18. You should be closed down and the punished with a custodial sentence.

    The hosting company is knowingly complicit in breaking the law and should be heavily fined. I’m reporting that to the hosting company

    This site is not a valid used of a .org.uk domain in accordance with the usage rules – I’m reporting that.

  19. Thanks to the morons at the Met I came across your site. Great Stuff! I’d like to donate £50 to the cause but your donate link is not working, can you fix it?

  20. Good to see you back.

    I recently killed my wife, could you please provide details / tips on how to avoid getting caught.

    Many thanks

  21. Bob – I would suggest you confess this to your colleagues at the London Met and ask for their advice. I’m sure they’re quite adept at covering this sort of thing up. Ask PC Simon Harwood.

  22. I was just surfing the net, found a link and was curious about this FITWATCH. I done some research and watched some videos and the police were physically harassing protestors in a few videos I found and it seemed very unnessary. I find this worrying that this can happen in whats suppost to be a democratic modern country.

    I seems more fitting in soviet era russia or prehaps china.

    If your reading this mr policemen. What your doing seems wrong. And it makes things worse when I see police friends I know bragging about using home office approved headlocks on “hippies” on social networking sites.

    I wounder how long it is untill the british police get caught using “agent provocateurs” like the canadian police were officially caught doing in the g20 summet.

    Abuse the public while you can, your misdeeds wont go unpunished!

  23. Many thanks for all the supportive comments. Will answer some in more detail soon but there’s still so much going on and too little sleep! We’ve had 11k+ visitors today. When we started, three years ago, barely anyone outside of activists and football had heard of FIT. Over the years, we managed to get the message out to lots of people – but would never have been able to generate the amount of publicity the MET have provided us with this week.

    And huge thanks to the people who tried to leave donations and couldn’t. We think it’s a problem with not having sorted a re-direct on the paypal email and will hopefully be sorted soon.

  24. If you have mugshots of Paul Hoare and Will Hodgeson I hope you add them to your hall of shame. They perhaps deserve a separate posting, or to be part of a spotter card. Even better a wanted poster.

    http://www.fitwatch.org.uk/domestic-extremism/npoiu-whos-who/ shows photographs of some of the domestic extremists at large in the UK, the public need to be aware of them and their nefarious activities so they can take the appropriate action if they spot one of these dangerous individuals.

    Not one of the defenders of the police have replied about the video of Kingsnorth I linked to, defending the police actions. Did the cat get their tongues?

  25. In this day and age of modern surveillance and forward intel. the most valuable resource we have at our disposal is OUR IDENTITY.

    Once we have lost that to the powers that be, those with criminal intent in such offices and ivory towers will have the upper hand.

    The only people frightened or concerned about being videotaped are those lying or obviously breaking the law with malicious intent. Not all criminals wear prison outfits. Some wear Armani suits, and indeed some wear decorated uniforms of brutality. A criminal is still a criminal and those that break the law when they are trusted to uphold it, are not only deceiving the public trust, but are morally degrading the fabric of society.

    In order to maintain certain basic societal standards when Police officers are caught breaking the law they represent, THEY SHOULD be doubly punished to set an example. However anyone who has noticed the punishments metered out in recent years can see that’s certainly NOT what happens. Usually its a slap on the wrist.

    Keeping an eye on the criminal element within the public service has always been a contentious issue after all.. who “watches the watchmen” where, in an already immoral and corrupt society; the public sector reflects the attitude of the current day criminally intent Govt.

    Sad to say the Zionist occupied governments of the WEST are indeed criminal and self-serving, and ALWAYS MANAGE to cover up litigious issues with a culture of plausible deniability, a papertrail of deception, perjury and the usual official whitewash. This was the intention of a layered bureaucracy within the public service.

    When even the LAW is beyond the LAW, then there is NO real LAW.
    When injustice becomes law, RESISTANCE then becomes a DUTY.

    (COPwatch, METwatch [ENTER NAME HERE ] )
    The most important role of a member of his/her society is to keep your community SAFE against criminals OF ALL SORTS.

    People need to start carrying notebooks and video cameras EVERYWHERE, taking names, regos, Officer numbers, times dates and places, and making notes of all suspicious behaviours from all sectors of Officialdom. They LOVE to record you and get your details, they get a buzz out of spying on you, so perhaps its time we be a good citizen and began asking For their details.

    After all.. A police officer lurking in your neighbourhood could be a sign he’s “casing the joint” and going to burgle your house on his day off.

    Such a simple enquiry shown below is permitted to identify an Officer of the law where ANYONE can request the following UNDER LAW from a Police Officer : *(Although some of the questions answers are obvious, picture yourself with a notebook and pen jotting down the time and making a statement. After all .. Legally speaking YOU are only required to provide any officer with your name and address. THEY on the other hand have to show proof that they are a real POLICE OFFICER if requested so by ANY member of the public. Failure to do so appropriately or satisfactorily is a criminal act.)

    Ask Any Officer (Politely)

    1) What’s your name?
    2) What’s your Police registration/badge number?
    3) Is that your vehicle you are driving?
    4) Who does it belong to?
    5) Do you have a proper licence to drive that vehicle?
    6) What station are you located at?
    7) Who is your OIC (Officer in charge)?
    8) Please identify for the record your officer in charge.?
    9) Are you under illegal orders have my House/car/me under surveillance?
    10) Have you followed any illegal orders lately from your commanding officer?
    11) Are you likely in the future to follow any illegal orders lately from your commanding officer?
    12) Please provide me with official ID. Or a Police Union Card with your name printed on it.

    Then thank the officer for his time and tell him he is dismissed and may go about his duties.

    Please always remember: Police Officers are not Corporate Bulldogs. Nor are they Govt. policy bodyguards or enforcers. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PUBLIC SERVANTS Remind them of that in the nicest possible way and ALWAYS ALWAYS have your Spy-camera pen filming EVERYTHING in your top pocket.


    Steve Johnson –


  26. I would never have known about this site had it not been for the attempt to censor it. Either the filth have no internet savvy worth speaking of, or for some reason they actually wanted more people to know about the site and the article.


  27. None of this is true – dodn’t get nicked for obstruction acting on this shite!

    THEY on the other hand have to show proof that they are a real POLICE OFFICER if requested so by ANY member of the public. Failure to do so appropriately or satisfactorily is a criminal act.)

    Ask Any Officer (Politely)

    1) What’s your name?
    2) What’s your Police registration/badge number?
    3) Is that your vehicle you are driving?
    4) Who does it belong to?
    5) Do you have a proper licence to drive that vehicle?
    6) What station are you located at?
    7) Who is your OIC (Officer in charge)?
    Please identify for the record your officer in charge.?
    9) Are you under illegal orders have my House/car/me under surveillance?
    10) Have you followed any illegal orders lately from your commanding officer?
    11) Are you likely in the future to follow any illegal orders lately from your commanding officer?
    12) Please provide me with official ID. Or a Police Union Card with your name printed on it.

  28. You are a bunch of classless hooligans that don’t deserve a place in a university. looking forward to you being closed down.

  29. I would be interested to know how I can have my web site restored. It was being hosted by a company called Daily.com who on the basis of a complaint from Thomas Tolkien removed my site. In principal my site is structured to protect children from men like the notorious relative of Thomas who sexually molested a great number of children whilst acting as a priest in the West- Midlands. Everything I say on my site is evidentialy sound and supported by the West-Midlands family unit. The only reason Daily.com removed my site is because they have no balls and are abhorent to the principle of freedom of speech and the Internets ability to support that right.
    Please help Christopher Carrie

  30. Thanks to the bungling Metropolitan Police for giving your excellent site so much free publicity, and thus bringing it to my attention! Keep up the good work! We must continue to help anyone victimised by police repression.

  31. Congratulations for your efforts on watching those who spy on us, and on establishing another web site. We must not let our rulers turn this into a police state.

  32. I love that it seems to be getting to the point where they can’t just screw us all over, indenture us to servitude, steal our money and censor the protests like they used to be able to. Long live the Internet!

  33. For those who have asked, and those who feel able to contribute, our Paypal account is now working.

    Thanks once again for all the support people have given us. It has been an incredible few days.

  34. c’mon, stop orgasming over ‘social media’ …. not that I’m in disagreement with most of your output and work, but the dynamics of social-networks produces its own problems of representation, yadda yadda….so the site got lucky/were well connected and bing, became a viral…maybe better than disappearing into the oblivion, so things can be learnt – but lets not get ahead of ourselves!

    “censorship never wins, regards” – who is this person ‘censorship’, and on what timescale does he ‘never’ do this construct of ‘win’?

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