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>This is a thread to start compiling names and numbers and information about cops. Some of these pictures and numbers are quite old, so it would be good to have some up to date ones. Either add to comments or email to defycops(at)yahoo.co.uk

CO906 – Ben Willcox

LX365 – Ian Skivens

WW261 – Lousie

WW 489 – Catherine A. Smith

TW431 – Michael White

A825 – Paul

BS76 – Matt Twist

Other cops we have names for, but not photos:
XB 255 – Phil
CO 5099 – Mark Carroll
CO 5475 – R. Enderby
FF 462 – Stuart Ford
YR 477 – Tom
HX 38 – Zaffer Mughal
GD 525 -John Abbott
RG 253 – Bartlett
WW 353 – Lange
RG 294 – Buckwell
RG 360 – Knowles

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