FIT at Edinburgh

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Cheers to those who have sent pics in from climate camp. Lovely contrast here between Edinburgh FIT with thier little compact camera, and Ian Caswell of the NPOIU with his long lens SLR… and quite a few minders.

Ian Caswell collecting intelligence on climate camp activists

West Lothian and Borders FIT A11064 and A4968 snapping at climate camp Edinburgh

2 thoughts on “FIT at Edinburgh

  1. I would have liked to have been there, but I decided it might be too dangerous and I might have got arrested. So instead I stayed at home in my manky semen splattered room and had another one off the wrist. Going to the Mela in Belfast today. Its a folk festival. The PSNI only went and put a recruiting stall up in the QUBSU………Oooh matron, I love policeman in unform.

  2. The above is from disgraced ex Met nonce D.G halsm of Bedford, He is an active BNP supporter but not brave enough to actually attnd rallies. Mr Haslam is 64. (That is his IQ as well). Posting at 2am. Full life eh?

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