EDL trash houses and Asian businesses as they go on the rampage in Dudley

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Taxi smashed by EDL

At least a couple of dozen houses, cars and local small businesses in Dudley town centre were yesterday attacked by demonstrators from the anti-Islamic English Defence League (EDL). Around two hundred EDL broke their way out of police cordons to carry out a frenzied attack on whatever was at hand. Asian businesses were no doubt a focus – a Balti restaurant was clearly singled out, as was a taxi. But the white working class population of Dudley also came under attack, including a white woman with a baby, who narrowly missed a brick that had smashed through her window.

Asian business has windows smashed

Residents called urgently for police assistance and help in protecting their homes from further attack, but none came. Police just a few streets away, sauntering back from some sort of confrontation with the EDL, showed no interest in helping frightened residents. NPOIU cop Paul Mather, who was with them, was more concerned with crowing that Fitwatch had ‘missed the action’.

Injured EDL receiving treatment

More ‘action’ was to come. Six EDL were knocked down by a car, sustaining leg and head injuries. The driver had not stopped (he was probably terrified) and rumours abounded that it had been a deliberate attack by Muslims and that one of the EDL had died. As the six lay on the road being treated by paramedics other EDL pulled metal poles from a passing truck and vowed to ‘go get the Muslims’. They then fought running battles with police in an attempt to get there.

EDL confront police in Stafford Street car park

Clearly the police had not expected the EDL to be able to break out of the system of containment they had devised for them at Stafford Street car park. There was a mixture of six foot fencing, rows of riot police and dogs, and finally solid metal cordons that barred every exit road. But the crowd, which totalled around a thousand, tore down fencing and threw a hail of missiles at the riot police. The metal cordons defeated the EDL for a while though, until they found an unguarded way out through a block of flats, and a few hundred got clear to begin the rampage.

Meanwhile Muslim areas were in a form of lockdown. Riot police were tasked with keeping Muslim youth in Muslim areas and came down heavily on groups that ventured out. One lot of Asian youths were chased by riot police and hit with batons almost as soon as they set foot in town. Back in their own estates around a dozen of them were chased through the streets by no less than three van loads of Met police in riot gear.

A day later, tension is reported to still be high in Kates Hill, Dudley, with heavy policing and continuing rumours of EDL presence. The real danger is that, unless more non-Muslims get out to seriously oppose the EDL, this could develop into a real race conflict.

53 thoughts on “EDL trash houses and Asian businesses as they go on the rampage in Dudley

  1. biased rubbish…. unless more English people come out to oppose radical islam it could turn into an islamic murder state

  2. @edl
    You really think that a bunch of violent racist hooligans wrecking towns is going to do anything other than start a race war…oh I see you want more English (white people I take it) to come out and oppose radical Islam (Asian restaurants and taxis). A race war is what you want, why don’t you drop the ‘radical Islam’ pretext, because no-one believes your lies anymore.

  3. a small section of people did the damage, they were not with the main edl group, the edl actually tried to stop this group, but they broke away

  4. Im EDL and far far from being Racist ,1MU ignorant people like you make me sick , pigeon holeing people for their beliefs.

  5. I was in the demo, whilst some people were trying to pull the fence down, me & a couple of other EDL lads tried to stop them, every person who shouted abuse at us for trying to maintain order had a local accent, they were not your average EDL supporters, as the fence came down & hit me on the back a copper set his dog on me, I barely got my leg out of the way & suffered 2 puncture wounds from its teeth, when he gave the dog enough lead to get me I had my back to him, what threat was I for trying to prevent people from getting to the police? It was pure luck that I turned around just in time to dodge the worst of the dogs attack!
    the police bussed in 3 coaches of young locals & refused access to the demo for around 600 EDL members including many of our stewards.
    Complaints are being compiled & if there’s any justice then those in charge of the police that day should lose their jobs for gross incompetence

  6. Looks like the EDL have yet again had a massive PR disaster. It will be a lot harder for their “we’re not racist, we’re peacefully protesting” rhetoric to be taken seriously now.

    Bradford will finish these lot off, if something like this happens in Bradford I’d be very surprised if there isn’t a few serious injuries and perhaps the loss of life.

    Don’t waste your time getting drawn into UAF bullshit, if we leave these idiots to it they’ll discredit themselves, why bother opposing them when they do a good enough job making themselves look like racist hooligans without the UAF being there.

  7. @LoyalEDL member – it begs the question of who are the real EDL? The people who broke away were wearing EDL hoodies – from various divisions, not just local ones and consider themselves as much EDL as anyone else. This contingent is present on all the demos I’ve been to. The stewards definitely prevented a couple of attempts to breach the police lines – the first attempt in particular may well have been successful if it wasn’t for the stewards. There may well be some in the EDL who do not like the tactics of the breakaway groups, but they are as much a part of EDL demos as the speeches and ignorant politics.

  8. EDL in Bradford? not a wise move, Bradford should see the end of them, they were lucky to escape from Dudley. Bradford will not be so easy.

  9. EDL riddled with BNP and other Neo Nazi far right groups and unaligned racists you lot keep trying to play the ‘Its outsiders not us EDL’ whilst football hoolies run riot in towns attacking asians indiscriminately,shouting racist abuse all whilst dressed in EDL small town division gear. Get real experienced individuals of the British far right are pulling the strings creating racial tension all whilst supposedly being against ‘Muslim extremism’. Whats with EDL slagging of BA strikers as well and targetting attacks on left wing meetings and politicians such as George Galloway.
    EDL your all mugs and footsoldiers for the Far Right get real ‘Sharia Law’ has a much chance of being implement in the UK as Griffin has of creating an all white Britain………. It isnt going to happenin a months time you’ll all be back to kicking off with each other on match days.

  10. any edl, bnp, racist fassy that i c will get their head kicked off. to all them closet bnp peeps who try and blend in wid u… they can captured, then lined up neatly to get run over by a car i mean a freight train! im a white man who loves jazz n hip hop… wot? bnp fi dead!

  11. Personally I love the EDL – on here and other places – claiming ‘black is white’ [pun intended].

    The more shit they spout, the more they become unstuck,

    No one gives a crap about the EDL anymore….


  12. muslims need to understand england is a christian country they should respect that or go do one they dont like our flag but they like our benefits!!

  13. people will wake up eventually remember muslims of the world if hitler couldn`t do it what makes you think you got half a chance bring on the war i say and well show you the good old english way

  14. oh BTW everyone with any sense at all can see through this baised report, There’s no proof EDL did anything you claim and the local muslim boys did most of the damage. The edl are good lads that care about this country and are the only street organisation protecting Britain from becoming an islamic republic.

  15. these were not edl that broke the windows, they did not have edl insignia, some of the edl were trying to stop them.

  16. There were stewards trying to stop people breaking out of the cordon. There was also three or four EDL who were unhappy with people’s windows being put through and who tried to apologise to a white woman it happened to. Whether they would still have felt like that if it was a Muslim household, I am not sure.
    But it was undoubtedly EDL, and a lot of them, that tried to break through police lines. Undoubtedly EDL who broke windows and tried to fight Muslims.
    There is no evidence at all that local Muslims did any damage whatsoever.

  17. still you come on other s websites ‘We’re not trouble makers, its not our fault……..Blah,blah,’ When its your members shouting Anti asian racist remarkswhilst off your faces on coke and boozed up . Whats the reason for the Bradford demo its to kick off with local Asians and have One big off then you can get back to playing at football hoolies for the next few months.

    EDL mugs and Puppets of the Far your Right racist thugs ‘Tommy Robindson spokesman of the EDL doing interviews on News night and in the Daily Star ‘We’re not racists bla blah blah, when in fact he’s Stephen Laxley Lennon from Bedford and BNP activist.
    EDL riddled with BNP,NF,Blood and Honour Skins and other pond life of the British far right.

  18. Gratitude 2 u for spreading truth…..damn these edl muppets and their cohorts in da police force…….is no good asking these fools 4 help cos like da article clearly shows is not their job to help innocent civilians……F|uck da police no justice no peace is JustUs…..

    I mind of wen dis bnp eejits started trying to get irish and other celtic ppl into their distorted way of thinkin and trying to turn us against other travellers but is clear whose on the right side cos is not so long ago there signs on lodgings say no blks, no irish, no dogs……now even the dogs are fighting back i.e. athens…..


  19. What’s really funny about the EDL is where the propaganda actually comes from.

    Something they always go on about is how ”Muslims are responsible for 75% of the world’s Violence”!! A shocking statistic, but also an impossible one. How can ‘Muslims’ be responsible for 75% of the world’s violence anyone with half a brain would ask? Surely that’s ridiculous….

    Turns out a quick google search comes up the ‘fair and balanced’ Bill O Reilly of Fox News as the source for this quote (this one on a ‘body building forum no less): http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=2814911

    It seems to me that the EDL are more ‘Tea Party’ than ‘C18′.

    Either way, I’d wish they’d fuck off!

  20. Hahah I love looking at all the desperate EDL trying to claim it wasn’t them who smashed up all the taxi’s and attacked people’s houses, you’re kidding yourselves. No decent minded human being, no peaceful protestor, will ever take you seriously now. Only the hooligans and nazi’s are interested in what you’ve got to offer now.

    Watch yourselves get marginalized and isolated until finally, you get utterly destroyed (ie Bradford) or your numbers dwindle and you become irrelevent.

  21. The policing was the cause of the problems in Dudley. I have no vested interest in this event and i can only tell you what i saw. I am an ex local councillor and i looked at this event with open eyes not political gain glasses.
    The police put a section 14 order n the event at around 1400 hours. They were fully aware that the mainbody of the edl numbering over 1500 had not made it to the event due to the police trying to run them around Dudley hoping they would give up and go home. A convoy of 20 vans coaches and cars was taken by the police directly to the UAF demo thinking it was the EDL site.
    They turned them around but too late many were off the coaches. Flash point1.
    Convoy two taken to castlegate roundabout then turned away from the access to the demo and sent off toward Tipton, mistake 2 Three hundred EDL left their coaches and transport to get to the site, Flash point 2. Three to four hundred on foot from tipton due to the police stopping them from going by coach to the demo arrive at castlegate. Flash point 3.
    Police send people up dual carridgeway towards the bridge without escorts knowing local asian youth numbering 300 are on the grass banking without police escort, asian youth attack and EDL fight back. Flash point 4.
    Police on footbridge and roundabout do nothng and open warfare erupts with wepons and many people are hurt. Two riot police move to grass and stop as 40 EDL attack youth who are throwing bricks at people on dual carridgeway, mainly families.
    Police send people into town centre unescorted to find their way to demo site, fully aware that asian youths are also in the centre unescorted, they clash just past the bus station where more people are injured. Flash point 5
    Police send EDL back through town unescorted from the demo as they will not allow the coaches into the demo site to pick them up.
    Fighting erupted all over Dudley and the police do not leave their elected placements.
    Police send EDL back down the dual carridgeway to castleggate again unescorted knowing that the asian youth are still fighting with the edl on the dual carridgeway which th police have still not secured.
    To make things worse the police shipped in six coach loads of local lads from tipton into the demo site with coaches they ordered yet kept the EDL out.
    Looking at all the video and photographs i have noticed that in nearly all the pictures where their is violence you see hardly any one wearing EDL tops or shirts which is strange as all the EDL coaches i observed the people were wearing EDL regalia.
    I am neither blind or stupid and what i saw was a police opperation that was a mitigated disaster and was without doubt the main cause of all the trouble that happened in Dudley. I spoke with variouse officers and i was informed that they were told to keep the edl away from the demo and run them around town till the disperced. I confirmed this with a senior officer from outside the dudley division and after showing my councillor id he told my they had the same instructions.
    The peple of Dudley and the councill should have this investigated and when the information comes out and it will they shouldclaim all the costs and losses through damage from the West midlands police. I would have no problem in sueing the WMP for causing this wide spread destruction and huge number of people being hurt and injured.
    WMP you should hold you heads inshame.

  22. R johnstone I agree with what you say. The West Midlands Police was
    disgraceful the way they treated the EDL. They was aganist the EDL as soon as they arrived. 2000 turned up only 500 was allowed in the demo site. Others was made to wait around town. Police escorted EDL members into areas where Asians was waiting. Members was attacked by asians, bricks and any other object they could find was being thrown. It just makes me angry that the police treated us like this and let muslims get away with everything. I am going to complain to the wmp.

  23. What a great account of the day by R Johnstone – an account supported in earnest by Lucy who posted only 34 minutes afterwards.

    Personally, I think I will now have to reassess the football hooligans of the EDL and blame ‘Asians’ who attack ‘families’ with ‘bricks’ on dual carriageways instead. It’s a good job they could spend their time to show us what nice caring people the EDL are.

    If it wasn’t for those Marxists in the police then everything would have gone according to plan, and the EDL would have had the charming family-orientated picnic that was their original intention.

    I only hope that when the EDL go to Bradford and have their nice family day out that those naughty policemen have learnt their lesson….

    My heart goes out to you boys, keep fighting the good fight for “TRUTH” and “JUSTICE” won’t you!


  24. R johnstone That’s a very interesting account. I would like to know a lot more about this. If what you say is accurate I can understand the people getting angry and to a certain degree the violence. But lets get one thing agreed. Wherever the EDL go, violence is never far away. A large proportion of the people go for that reason alone, mainly the football firms. Until the violence goes away they will never be taken seriously by the general public.

    It also doesn’t explain why, on Saturday, before the cordon was in place, before the speakers had even got the microphones working, 300 EDL supporters attacked the police, completely unprovoked. Please nobody say this didn’t happen, i know it did, I was there. I was also there when 20-30 EDL supporters chased some photographers down the road, until they got to some police.

  25. Wel wt cn i say edl ar a bunch of wankers n skum get the fuk of our streets they chat shit everything they say is bollocks they dnt knw anyting abt islam they just doing it for attention nufin else

  26. @fraggle

    No Fraggle, that wasn’t the EDL that was the Asians – 300 of them with their sabres and daggers dripping with the blood of Englishmen.

    I was at the back enjoying cucumber sandwiches with my multicultural transexual wife.

    That’s the troof.


    Mr Johnstone MA PhD

  27. R, Johnstone if you are the type of uneducated idiot that has had the opportunity to represent people as a local councillor then I’m not surprised at the state of local government in this country ! You’re spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired and I suggest that you join the police whilst they undertake your suggestion in hanging their heads in shame ! I would further suggest that you look into education standards in your local schools because obviously they failed you miserably. Please put a dictionary on your Christmas list or learn how to use spellcheck !

  28. I have a local business here in Tipton. I like many was a little concerned about the planned protest. I feel I must speak out regarding the events as I saw. The EDL members of which numbered in their hundreds were nothing but polite and peacful when entering my place of business. On here it appears any atempt to discuss in favour of the EDL is run down and dismissed. I too noticed great failings by WMP and much violence by the UAF. I will also add that I never saw a single weapon carried by EDL yet the Asian youths were armed to the teeth. This must be considered a failing by WMP with a political correctness gone mad.
    I had no political views either way previous to this event but now I feel I need to consider the state this country has allowed itself to behold.

  29. hello mustspeak, the main edl groups are polite and sound to get on with, the damage in these photos did happen and more, it was not done by us genuine edl, but local trouble makers around their late teens, that jumped onto the demo in dudley, i personally was disgusted by the damage,as you said the main edl are polite and respectful. the wmp police set the whole day up to end in a fiasco, by making sure that most edl never got to the demo, and were split up into smaller groups and left to walk to the demo, then massive gangs of muslims roamed dudley with knives and bats, one incident 200 muslims attacked a small group of edl who had their families with them, 10 edl men had to stand and fight 200 muslims

  30. Hi Steve,

    I am Bill the Butcher. As my name suggest a simple and kindly Butcher by trade and have spent many years in Dudley selling my wares to the kind folk thereabouts. It was a joy to see the EDL arrive in such numbers to protect us from the evil Muslim hordes that descended on us on that awful Saturday with knives, bottles and daggers. It reminded me of a scene from The Lord of the Rings: the Orks eyes red with a blood as they bashed and slashed their way through the ranks of proud Englishmen who had only come to sing songs about the union and frolic with their girlfriends.

    I put down my cleaver and wiped I tear from my eye when I saw your post, because what I thought had been a gaggle of football hooligans looking for a fight suddenly became the patriotic scene you describe so eloquently.

    Thank you EDL. Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    It’s Buy One Get One Free on Bacon Chops for the EDL next time they come to Dudley town.

    Bill x

  31. hi bill the butcher, saturday was a complete mess, it was not a patriotic scene, but carnage, it was a shambles due to the west midlands police force that screwed the whole thing up.

  32. EDL attacked many things and should’nt be alowed in Dudley. The edl have gone to far! i was an edl member but the edl have gone to far they should lisen but they have turned out violent they keep comming back to Dudley the SAME AREA EVERYTIME when they should go around other places i turned into a uaf memeber because the UAF hold peacfull events and dont go over the top like the EDL and LEAVE DUDLEY ALONE and go to other areas not the same old areas IDIOTS!!

  33. not many people tuned up to the uaf event saturday so to be honest that shows the more people support the edl than uaf. WMP should be ashamed of themselves and I hope the edl go back to dudley again!

  34. What the fuck is going on here? The earth is burning, billions are starving, we are having the 6th major exctinction crisis (the last being when the dianosaurs died) and this trivial nonsense is what is getting people fighting on the streeets? The Crusades are OVER AND I don’t care if you are a Muslim a Christian or someone who feeds fairies at the bottom of the garden, I don’t care if you are black white or blue this moronic, trivial bollocks has been going on for centuries and the bottom line is race and religion are irrelevant. By all means fight off any dogmatic religious nutter to the death if need be who dares to dictate that women are inferior or gay folk should be killed. You will find these people in both the Muslim and Christian faiths and they SHOULD be challenged but the EDL do have an agenda against ALL Islam so I would suggest that those who have foolishly put themselves forward as cannon fodder look very carefully at why they have joined the EDL.
    Concerned about Islamofacism? Well I have heard some disturbing reports first hand from women who have been attacked for being white, female and not covered head to toe. I have read a hilarious pamphlet which told me that no woman could ever be as good as any man at handling finances and that rape would not exist if every single woman wore a burkqa all in all easy to disprove crass nonsense which reminds me of strange Christian sects in the deep southern US states. There are some nutters out there, there are some very unsavoury dogmas being sprouted but not all muslims agree with such nonsense just as not all christians are rabidly homophobic, witch hunting, psychos. Campaigning against religious zealotry is valid and honourable, demonising a whole culture is not. What the EDL are doing is polarising entire communities against one another when people feel threatened they band together. The way to protect what previous generations suffered and died for i.e far greater equality between the sexes and respect for lesbians and gay men is not by terrorising an entire area but by debate, logic and humour. I agree that if anyone threatens me for whatever reason I have the right to use violence to protect myself but I strongly suggest that those who claim to be in the EDL to fight misogynic homophobes leave right now and form your own group unless you really want to be part of a facist group whose agenda goes way beyond challenging Islamofacism.
    Incidentally we should also bear in mind that homophobia and misogyny exist outside religious dogma. Those drunken teenagers who kicked a gay man to death at Trafalgar square did so becuase they were simply hateful saw someone who was different to them and killed him. Just because someone wears a veil or goes to a mosque does not mean that they are not a person who can reason, think, feel and suffer. Talk to muslims as one person to another you will probably be pleasantly suprised and will learn something.Bear in mind that to lump all Muslims together as an enemy is just as stupid as lumping all Christians ranging from those who go to church twice in a lifetime (to marry and to be buried) to those who flagellate themselves and kill witches (still doing it in Africa) together as an enemy.

  35. Steve, I think Bill the butcher was using good old fashioned dripping sarcasm in his post, the lowest form of wit but amusing all the same. I suspect that he is not a butcher or an EDL supporter at all. Hope not anyway!

  36. Very crude anti British pro Islamic lies,why are western’socialists’ in bed with radical Islam,certainly not the case in Islamic countries where free and progressive thinkers have a deep dislike for misogyny ,homophobia ,and the sort of anti individualistic oppression beloved by the Islamists.

  37. yawwwwnnnn!

    (these bellend’s – apart from having a totalitarian view as to the effectiveness of obvious propaganda -never give up to they?!)


  38. I from bradford us lads can’t wait for EDL to come down we are all tooled up waitn the biggest mistake they will ever do is enter Bradford ppl will get hurt they will run all over just to get more injurys lol BRADFORD WILL FINISH THEM OFF WATCH!!!!

  39. Sorry for the idiot with the @fraggle indicator below my supposed name. For the poster who thought for one second that the post in question was from me then you need to spend a lot more time on facebook and understand what has happend on this blog. I for one dont poscribe to using such idioms as Troof shortly followed by yo bretheren or blood, infact i have enough trouble keeping up with local Colloquialisms. I hope this goes some way to resolving the missunderstanding Mr Wylde. In reply to Lucy, we were mobile and heading to the carpark when we were forced into a convoy by the police even though we informed them we were not with any group. This made no difference and we had to make our way through the areas mentioned this is why i am able to make such a full account of the event. For the people who have commented as to the bias of the report i will point out that the report is about the actions of the police and the fact that there were Asian youths on the dual carrigeway and the bridge is fully suported by film posted on youtube. I am sure the asian lad with his family was more than happy when one of the lads on the banking smashed his windscreen on his car with a brick. I dont want to repeat his comments as he was also muslim and lived in the area. The fact that the police did nothing to help him and myself and two EDL men assisted him at the time is only going to show the indifference the police had. I am in no doubt that the EDL did get involved in the troubles as did the Asian lads. It is not for me to take sides, what i will do is point out to all the fools who cant see an unbiast report and take great pleasure in doing nothing more that post with threats about what is going to happen at Bradford or any other event. This only confirms what i allready suspected and that is most of these events are hijacked by people who have no interest in the issues and see them as nothing more than an opportunity to kick off. To be quite honest i would give you a field all to your selves and let you have a go at each other because what i have seen is lots of paper badboys running at each other throwing a punch or two then running back. After serving in the forces for 20 years i can assure you 20 trained men would see you of in quick time. The point is both groups have been infiltrared by outsiders with one intention and that is to cause civil unrest. I have seen this so many times and it has all the hallmarks of the SWP with the asians and the BNP with the EDL. When the first people get killed lets see what and who it will be put down too. The one thing i can assure you is neither the SWP nor the BNP will give a dam and they will both use it for their own political ends at your cost. R Johnstone

  40. I was at the so called “DEMO” and also at the hanley one in january everywhere these racist ENGLISH DELINQUENT LEAGUE NAZI’S go they cause damadge and chaos costing the tax payer thousands of pounds,its BS to say its just a minority among the EDL faithful causing the disruption I have personally seen many EDL racists using violence and causing damadge to vehicles and buildings without provacation

  41. My grandfather and I am sure many of your grandparents or parents fought in a long war in some cases sacrificed thier own lives to stop this kind of ideology, the EDL footsoldiers of the BNP are by thier actions insulting the memories and sacrifices made by those people many of them were not only none uk but from different diversities of culture and race joined together in the fight against FACISM and NAZI oppression ideology that the EDL support along with thier political wing the NAZI BNP and dont try to tell us the EDL are not connected to the BNP as we all know that to be not rue

  42. 20 – 30 EDL going down an escalator in a central london underground on Saturday, they see a muslim family – an elderly lady, a mother and a daughter going the opposite way – then they shout ‘muslim bombers off our streets’ (those of you in EDL will remember this chant well) and then usual crap about edl and no surrender. Is that the big bad EDL – the ones that arent racist right? – shouting at women and children LOL

  43. The UAF or radical Muslims could easily have broken the windows to make the EDL look bad. The UAF has continually send fakers to give Nazi salutes and such.

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