EDO Decommissioners walk free from court.

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Brighton is today celebrating with a victory demo to mark the acquittals of the EDO Decommisioners, the activists who broke into an arms company back in January 2009 to sabotage its production of military components for the Israeli air force.

After more than three weeks in court, the jury agreed that the activists had done nothing unlawful when they caused severe damage to the EDO/ITT factory.

The activists had not denied causing the damage, but had successfully argued that they were justified in their actions to prevent a bigger crime taking place. They proved in court that the components produced by EDO were being supplied to the Israeli military for use in their F-16 bombers, the planes that had bombarded the civilian population of Gaza that winter. The attacks resulted in more than a thousand deaths, many of them children.

NETCU, the police ‘extremism unit’ that advises companies on defending themselves from activist campaigns, has so far not commented on the case (although it is usually very quick to flag up successful prosecutions). It is well known that both NETCU and its sister unit the NPOIU have been involved with the prosecutions, as well as collecting surveillance on EDO protesters and campaigners generally.

NETCU’s sympathies have been firmly with EDO, supporting the investigation and prosecution of anti-militarist activists, while the actions of EDO and their collusion with Israeli war crimes has escaped investigation. Conspiracy to commit war crimes is clearly not something that comes under their definition of ‘extreme’.

2 thoughts on “EDO Decommissioners walk free from court.

  1. “The executive of the modern state is nothing but a committee for organising the common affairs of the entire bourgeoisie.”
    — Karl Marx, “The Communist Manifesto”

    Just thought you might like to know.

  2. Roaul Moat story in synthesis:
    1.Police arrest him 11 times without getting a conviction. The 12th time they get a conviction.
    Meaning: the police had a vendetta and were harassing him. Eventually they got a conviction simply because they tried so often. Laws of chance; a certain proportion of convictions are false.
    2.Lots of people are harassed by the police. It’s not surprising that after harassment of Moat led to him losing his wife and child he went berserk. How many others just accepted such things?
    3.Instead of waiting for him to surrender or fall asleep the police waited util they thought no-one was watching and then rushed in and tasered him.

    Another case of police murder, 15 months after Ian Tomlinson, but with even less chance of justice.

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