NPOIU hold ‘only’ 1822 images of political protesters

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ACPO have come clean about the number of photographs of political protesters they, and their ‘extremist units’ are holding. According to their website, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) now holds no more than 1822 images. They suggest that these images are purely of a ‘hardcore’ criminal element, and that there is no chance at all of ‘ordinary’ demonstrators finding their way onto such a system.

So can we now relax and take political action without being tagged as ‘extremist’, right? Not quite. Over the years, Fitwatch have learned a thing or two about police databases. And I’d hazard a guess that ACPO is being about as honest as a Tory MP with a moat to be cleaned. They’re not lying exactly. There are just things they’ve forgotten to say.

For one thing, just because they don’t hold an image of you, doesn’t mean they can’t access one if they want to. There are many other police databases that the NPOIU also have access to, such as custody records, which contain images of anyone who has been arrested, even if they have not been charged or convicted.

Some databases may be easier for the NPOIU to access than others.  The image database operated by the Metropolitan police’s public order unit (CO11), is known to have held thousands of photographs of identified individuals taken at political protests and demonstrations.  It is a ‘stand alone’ and highly restricted database.

Yet CO11 have accepted that they grant ACPO, a private company, access to this database. In practical terms this doesn’t present much difficulty for them – both CO11 and ACPO’s NPOIU occupy the same building – London’s New Scotland Yard. NPOIU are only metres away. Use of this system would significantly increase the number of images available to the NPOIU.

Secondly, I suspect that the NPOIU holds a lot of different kinds of data on us, not merely images. Names and addresses, vehicle registration numbers, descriptions, political affiliations, friends and associates, political events and meetings attended – to name just a few of the potential categories. The NPOIU has not yet come clean on the number of individuals it holds information on. I’d hazard a guess it’s more than 1822.

12 thoughts on “NPOIU hold ‘only’ 1822 images of political protesters

  1. You can chat to NDET by asking for them through ACPO’s main switchboard, for those who are well known (best not to give them any information that they might not have) might wish to apply for information on what data is being held on them.
    Bearing in mind how incestuous NETCU are with private corporations and their lawyers and how Detective SuperintendentSteve Pearl did his utmost to assist HLS in a civil matter sitting right behind Timothy Lawson Cruttenden in court I think we also need to ask how much of this information is passed on to various industries and individuals who are not police officers. Certainly HLS have information about me that they could only have got from the police, I am sure that this is not an isolated matter. Considering that the police have been through private and legal papers, personal computer etc on numerous raids this is a massive invasion of privacy. I own not one thing, not one photo, one old letter, not one item of clothing that a police officer has not had his filthy paws on. No wonder I get through so much disinfectant!

  2. You only have to imagine the amount of disinfectant the Police officers that have to search Lynns house get through!
    I wonder if they get danger money?

  3. I should imagine that they get paid quite well enough although they have said that they were too scared of me to give their names and forces, how wimpy. Anyway if they choose to break into my house whatever heinous things lurketh within are their problem really, I always try and make their visit as unpleasant as possible. Lazy sods didn’t search the compost bins though

  4. Hows the trial of the last two dupes nicked at your place going? Will you be doing their time for them? No?

  5. I’d love to sit and chat but a) too busy, b) I can’t be bothered with trolls, c) I’m watching some paint dry.

  6. Ron Broxted’s real name is Chris Ferguson and he is an active police informant and has been since images of children were found on his computers hard drive. He brags of having earned substantial sums of money for passing on information both about the ALF and the CIRA. Surprisingly this openly gay male is welcomed into the Belfast office of Amnesty International. Well perhaps they know of his pastime for the PSNI and Special Branch?

  7. Brendan (really Den Haslam, BNP supporter in Bedford) you told all and sundry Ron’s real name was Andy. Then O’Connor then O’Doherty. We know the death of your Mum unbalanced you as did your wife’s affair but Ron’s real name isn’t Chris. Do you think FITwatch care about ALF or CIRA? Do you think they car who is or isn’t gay? (Given you conviction for cottaging you really need an answer). Amnesty do a lot of good work, everr thought of joining? Giving a few quid? You said you are a millionaire (Torygraph where you blog as Man In A bag). Yet you live in a house that is far from luxurious.

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