>Fitwatching at Climate Camp RBS Protest

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After a week of hiding in the shadows, FIT finally showed themselves with their traditional blue tabards and cameraman on Tuesday’s action against RBS.

However, their job was not made easy, and they were met by fitwatchers who ensured they had a hard time gathering the data they wanted on the protesters.

More information and comment on climate camp policing to follow soon.

4 thoughts on “>Fitwatching at Climate Camp RBS Protest

  1. >If the Police, Courts and the media are responsible for poor old Heather being banged up then Greg and Nat must take some blame too – they admitted their guilt and left Heather to face the longest sentence.

    As they say – an inconvenient truth

  2. >The unfortunate thing is that the judge who gave her that sentence is still alive. Wouldn't it be a pity constable if his personal details were to fall into the wrong hands? A.B. Gordon. Voice of the caliphate.

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