>Victory for Fitwatchers Everywhere as FIT Hide in Car

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>Last weekend, at both the Anti Militarist Gathering and a demo at Heckler and Koch, FIT cops – CO996 Mark Sully and 1818 from South Yorkshire police (name anyone???) were spotted skulking in an unmarked car.

It is lovely to see these cops, who used to be so brazen about their role, hiding away, scared of being confronted and challenged by protesters.
Fitwatch also wonder whether they had the necessary authorisation under RIPA to conduct such covert surveillance. Anyone present at either of these events might want to complain to the IPCC that this surveillance was being carried out, and it is believed the correct authorisation had not been obtained.
Whilst undoubtedly a victory, this is something we need to be aware of. We cannot allow them to lurk in unmarked cars – we must still challenge them and draw attention to their presence.
And, just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean their not watching, making notes, and building databases. It is therefore crucial we continue masking up and taking whatever measures we can to protect our anonymity on protests.
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