>Met’s advice to photographers

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>Published Thursday: http://www.met.police.uk/about/photography.htm

Including: “Officers have the power to view digital images contained in mobile telephones or cameras carried by a person searched under S43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to discover whether they have in their possession anything which may constitute evidence that they are involved in terrorism.”

And the wonderfully unambiguous: “It should ordinarily be considered inappropriate to use Section 58a to arrest people photographing police officers in the course of normal policing activities, including protests, as without more, there is no link to terrorism. There is however nothing preventing officers asking questions of an individual who appears to be taking photographs of someone who is or has been a member of Her Majesty’s Forces (HMF), Intelligence Services or a constable.”

So, it’s not technically against the law, but if the police decide it is, then it, er, is.

Plus: ‘The Met’s attack on photographers’

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