Fitwatching at Global Noise

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Improvisation with pots and pans to deal with police surveillance at the Global Noise / OccupyLSX anniversary.

Picture courtesy of rikki.

His report included the following account:

“Followed overtly by a handful of city police, and less obviously by several police vans containing back-up, a group of several hundred people set off east into the city, reclaiming the streets and junctions on their way. a small samba band including sambatage and rhythms of resistance players, added to the noise of pots and pans that people had brought along.”

“a few police looked on, one filming with a small camcorder. also watching were three characters seen before on the ‘carnival of dirt’ protest back in june. they continued to follow saturday’s protest till its end. it’s believed they work for a private intelligence company on behalf of either the city of london corporation, or other large financial bodies.”

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