Confronting FIT and PLO – Fitwatch workshop at the Cuts Cafe

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***IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/10/12: THE FITWATCH WORKSHOP AT CUTS CAFÉ HAS BEEN POSTPONED AT THE REQUEST OF THOSE MANAGING THE VENUE TODAY. We apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this, but we were not able to find a suitable alternative venue at such short notice Watch this space for further updates! ***

Direct Action is a powerful tactic against the snooping and prying of Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) and their new sidekicks, Police Liaison Officers (PLOs). A little organised resistance can stop the FIT / PLOs from getting their ‘intel’ at crucial times.

Fitwatch and other associated tactics, such as umbrella block, have had proven success at restricting police data gathering and reducing the amount of usable ‘intelligence’ FIT and PLOs collect. This means less harassment and intimidation of protesters, and a greater degree of freedom and confidence for those involved with radical blocks.

Fitwatching isn’t a specialised action, it’s something everyone can do. And if everyone does a little bit of Fitwatching on October 20th, we can put the FIT, and the PLOs, out of business.

To find out more, and to make your contribution to stopping the FIT effective, get down to the Cuts Café at 7pm on Tuesday 9th October.


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