>Identity of Police Officers in Guardian Fitwatch Video

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>Three Fitwatch activists have lodged a complaint with the IPCC about their arrest and imprisonment at Climate camp last year. The story and video of this arrest was reported in The Guardian and picked up by a variety of news outlets.

However, most of the footage has obscured the details of the officers, but clearer pictures can be seen here.

Whilst we realise these are not FIT cops, given it’s a story about Fitwatch, we thought it only fair we should name them – and it should be noted that EK127 Alan Palfrey, who is getting a bit of a reputation for turning a blind eye towards police violence, is seen skulking in the background.

Firstly, the Evidence Gatherers who filmed this footage:

10475 – Last – is the female officer
9038 – Sellan

8871 – Wiltshire
9589 – Sabcar

The officers involved in the arrest were:

PC 1259 – Nicholas Fisher – (I think – perhaps another fitwatcher could confirm – this is the heavily tattooed officer who is seen putting his hands around a fitwatcher’s neck, and who is not wearing a number).

PC 5988 – Jessica Lawe – female cop

PC 6303 – Christopher Lawless (no, I’m not making this up)

PC 6509 – Davis

PC 5915 – Flint

As regular readers of the blog will realise, this was not an isolated incident in terms of Fitwatch, protest, or the country as a whole. However, it is great that this coverage has been generated, and we will continue to challenge this policing by whatever means we can.

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