N9 plain clothes cops identified

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As avid readers of the comments pages of this blog and indymedia will know, two of the plain clothes cops who terrorised and dragged people out of the N9 student demo have now been identified. The comments that were posted are re-posted in full below.

PC Chris Healey and PC Giles Dainty, both working for the TSG, have been spotted as a result of their recruitment into the ‘torch security team’. Giles Dainty’s facebook page (see link below) provides the following ‘activities and interests’ info: British and Irish Lions 2009, Armed Forces Day, British Army, HS2 – SAY NO, Supporting the Met Police against the London rioters, Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest, Metropolitan Police Rugby Football Club

Nice work to all of those who dug this info out.

We know their faces, and now we know their names. And we will remember them.


Identified as PC Giles Dainty (nice name for a member of the TSG!)

Main source of info:

Google cache of his Facebook page (which is strangely – or not – unavailable at present)

Seems like he attended Wellinborough public school between ’92 and ’97 – see page 6, right hand column, item 3 of…

The cop to the right of him on the spotter card (the one I call ‘baby face’) is also on the ‘Torch Security Team’ (aka TST) and I am attempting to id him as well.

You can see PC Dainty and PC ‘Baby Face’ together in this photo from the TST training session:
[PC ‘Baby Face’ is just behind and to the right of PC Dainty]



PC ‘Baby Face’ now identified

21.05.2012 15:08

‘Baby Face’ is now identified as PC Chris Healey

Info source:


3 thoughts on “N9 plain clothes cops identified

  1. Excellent sleuthing!

    Bit odd that neither of them seem to live in London (Dainty, for example, appears to live with his parents in his home town). Who knew that one could have a career as a commuting thug?

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