>CO11 and ACPO at Brighton

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> FITwatch are here publishing details and photographs of public order cops that had on-the-ground responsibility for implementing the cordons and kettles, and the use of batons, pepper spray and dogs against EDO protesters in Brighton last June and October. They are all regular faces, and well known to FITwatch, although we do not yet have names for all of them.

Many of them were seen at the Smash ITT demo in October hitting demonstrators with batons, particularly 2058 and Paul Mather . Steve Discombe appeared to be directing a dog team against protesters on the hill behing EDO, at the time when a working journalist was bitten by a police dog.

Others seemed keen to direct pepper spray at faces that they knew.

The cop that displays the number 1818 was allegedly involved in raiding the houses of people arrested (and later acquitted) at previous demonstrations.

Given the fuss over the G20 policing for Brighton’s mayday could be very different from previous events, and these thugs might be told to stay at home. But just in case they do turn up, it’s good to be informed about the type of people we are dealing with.

If you have any information about any of these cops – perhaps you have taken a complaint against them, or have statements from them relating to court cases – please let us know.

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