>Former Fit Officer Suspended Over G20 Assault

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Picture from Indymedia of the cop who assaulted a protester without his number.

Picture from Fitwatch archives of him when he was less shy about showing us his number.

Another Picture

As more evidence of police brutality at the G20 emerges, another officer has been suspended, this time a former FIT officer, AB42 when we knew him, and now a sergeant in the TSG.

Yet another video shows FIT officers casually observing their former colleague violently assaulting a protester attending a memorial demonstration.

This level of violence is nothing new, and this is the point we need to keep emphasising. This wasn’t a one off example of a few cops getting a bit out of control, it is their normal behaviour. I haven’t found these images shocking because I’ve witnessed and experienced it too many times.

We musn’t keep letting the bastards get away it – they must be held to account for their actions by all and any means necessary.

2 thoughts on “>Former Fit Officer Suspended Over G20 Assault

  1. I hope he has the same thing happen to him! If law is equal then prove it, if not let the people show justice.

    But we know depending on who you work for, money or social status law WILL teat you different

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