Resist plainclothes cops

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More plainclothes cops were spotted during the public sector protests on November 30th.

The ones pictured here were all identified during the kettle in Panton Street, and all admitted to being cops when challenged.

Plainclothes cops outed on 30th November were surrounded by protesters, derided as scum, with many forced to retreat back behind police lines for protection. Whilst it was great to see the bastards getting a hard time, this is a worrying development and we have to keep up the pressure to ensure hordes of plainclothes cops do not become a regular feature of protests.

We suspect most, if not all, of the plainclothes cops deployed are regular uniformed TSG officers, and have photographic evidence for some of them. Most readers will remember Ian Tomlinson was killed by a TSG cop not displaying his number, and this, alongside many other violent incidents has led to many recommendations for cops to be clearly identified – something which becomes nigh on impossible when dealing with plainclothes cops. Even when warrant cards have been produced, they have been flashed briefly without time for people to record details.

The selection of cops published here is only a fraction of the number present at the Patton Street kettle – so many that at times it felt as though there were more plainclothes cops than protesters. Fitwatch are continuing to collate photographs and will produce further spotter cards of these cops so they are not able to act anonymously.

Although these cops are not acting as agent provocateurs (although as stated in previous posts this doesn’t mean their behaviour is not provocative), it is clear this tactic is being used to cause intimidation and fear. Scared protesters are more passive and people more unlikely to take action when they are worried the person standing next to them might be a cop.

We have to act now, continue the resistance, and stop this before it becomes an established and accepted tactic. These cops should not be allowed on our protests, and they should not be able to mingle amongst us. Total policing is about total control, and Hogan-Howe needs to realise we will respond with total resistance.. These measures, taken to quell and quash protests, must be met with anger and defiance, and a refusal to be subdued.

7 thoughts on “Resist plainclothes cops

  1. “These cops should not be allowed on our protests…”

    Really? Why is that? What is the rational, logical explanation for that? Why is it that your democratic right to protest somehow trumps someone else’s right to stand in the street based purely on his profession? Are there any other professions that are not allowed to stand in the street while you are protesting?

  2. I have a suggestion, why don’t you swampies try and have a peaceful protest without breaking anything. If you do then the police wont need to do anything. However before you do that I think hell will freeze over.

  3. “Plainclothes cops outed on 30th November were surrounded by protesters, derided as scum”
    Oh come on, that’s not on. They’re not scum or bastards, they’re normal people like you doing a job that helps put much worse people behind bars. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s important to scrutinise the police just as it is important that they police these demonstrations, but don’t go calling anybody scum, you don’t have the right to call anyone scum. Nobody does.

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