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In the first of an occasional series, here are a number of pictures and numbers we’ve received of plainclothes and FIT officers from Tower Hamlets. Other boroughs will receive attention in the near future. 

Sgt HT19. Trafalgar Square, Gaza demo, 17 January 2009

HT207, on left. Trafalgar Square, Gaza demo, 17 January 2009
Here’s three dubious characters: 
HT940, HT668, HT276, Bethnal Green Road, December 2008
Here these three were involved in filming Whitechapel Anarchists ostensibly under an operation to curb youth crime and disorder.

HT940 opposite Israeli Embassy, 10 January 2009

HT668 outside National Gallery, Gaza demo, 17 January 2009
It is perhaps no coincidence that HT668, HT940, HT19 and HT201 were among the FIT on these Gaza demonstrations, given the ‘robust’ policing which followed in and around Whitechapel where Asian men were subjected to more than usual oppressive police behaviour following the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and the resultant demonstrations.
More recently, three Tower Hamlets plainclothes officers, and the ubiquitous HT668, were seen outside the Rampart venue off Commercial Road near Whitechapel last Thursday when the owner’s agents attempted to evict the squatted building. The plainclothes officers somewhat undermined their disguise by donning elements of police uniform.


The blond cop facing camera decided merely to don the stab-proof vest, maintaining his anonymity for the time being.

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