Don’t be intimidated! See you on the streets!

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On the eve of the mass education/sparks/cabbies protest on 9th November, it is clear the state are trying to intimidate us.

From the news today that the police have written to protesters arrested at previous demonstrations warning them off protesting (see picture), to the “total policing” of the last couple of weeks witnessed at the squatting demo and deaths in custody march (amongst others), the message is clear; attempt to protest and the state will clamp down, act violently, and make arbitrary arrests. And, if you’re unlucky enough to get caught, the courts are making sure long deterrent sentences are passed, regardless of how insignificant the individual action, in attempt to scare us away from future protest.

However, whilst even seasoned activists have admitted to being a little scared at the current state of policing, it’s not all doom and gloom, and we mustn’t be tricked into feeling intimidated. It’s nearly the anniversary of the Met’s attempt to silence Fitwatch for giving common sense advice to the Millbank protesters. This is still recommended reading, as is this Fitwatch call to action.

Above all, we should be applying the lessons we have learnt on the streets over the last year. When we don’t just ‘walk on by’, and act in solidarity with each other, we are stronger; when we act as fast mobile blocs, we are more effective and harder to contain; when we sit down or put our hands in the air, we are fodder for baton strikes and kettling; when we refuse to play the divide and rule game and condemn fellow protesters, we are more threatening.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, when we mask up, and make no comment to police questioning, we are harder to convict and lock up.

See you on the streets!

10 thoughts on “Don’t be intimidated! See you on the streets!

  1. The police are quite happy to go at it against students or peaceful protesters (and have even raised the threat today in the newspapers with stating they will use rubber bullets) however when it came to rioters who were actually engaged in wanton destruction they were too scared.

  2. Good advice. Stick together and no heroics. That can only put others danger. The demo does not have to be violent. The police are cowards. They will only act when in overwhelming numbers. So make sure of a big turn out. And please no “Shame on You”. They dont give a fuck and are proud of attacking you.

  3. The irony is that the protestors could send an almost identical letter back. Just substitute “anti-social behaviour” with “smashing teenagers’ brains in”. And that bit about criminal convictions is a bit superfluous I suppose because no police officer would ever get convicted, even when they kill people.

  4. just got back from the protest ,as soon as it finished at london wal,l kettle went staight in, tried to warn everybody .this is now the standard punishment for having the damm cheek to protest,when is something going to be done about this ,i used to think this was collective punishment ,but nobody even spat on the floor today,they are just telling people,if you protest,you will be held against your will,i wonder what nazi propoganda rubbish they will come out with to justify this continuing erosion of our right to protest.

  5. Wait…. that letter doesn’t actually say that you can’t protest. Am I missing something? It just says stay out of trouble or you’ll get arrested which is common sense really no?

  6. Infiltrate Thames House, Vauxhall Cross and the Cheltenham Donut, take pictures of the fuckers working there and post on Fitwatch. Let’s turn surveillance on them! Intimidate them as they do us. Nosey, Cameron brown nosing fuckers that they are!

  7. @ Andy
    The letter doesn’t say you can’t protest and yes it is common sense and as such it shouldn’t need to be said. So why do the Met feel the need to waste money writing to people they have arrested in the past unless it is to intimidate and make them think twice about attending?

    If I had received one the message I would get is “We know who you are, we still have your details and we can trace you”…this is exactly the message they wanted to get across.

  8. Excuse my swearing earlier, I was so angry to see the way the Police took over our demonstration and abused their powers this week. I really do think we need to extend fitwatch to include the Security Services. The Plods are just the dogs on the fronline. Far more interesting the Men and Woman who live in the Shadows and pull the strings. Expose them and the State starts to weaken. They feel ominpotent and are unaccountable as they can do as they please including killing their own if they speak out (Gareth Williams) Apparantly, according to gossip in the Gay underground at VX, Williams was geting together a portfolio to expose John Scarletts complicity in Dr Kelly’s death and collusion in the Iraq invasion. He was therefore illiminated. WE NEED photo’s of these Monsters not the pitbulls with badges.

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