Armed police raid Kurdish tent at OccupyLSX

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Last night, the Kurdish tent at the OccupyLSX camp was raided by armed police following an alleged tip off of a gun being present. They searched the tent for over half an hour unsurprisingly finding nothing.

The Kurdish community has long been criminalised, and labelled as terrorists for their attempts to oppose and draw attention to the repression they face in Turkey, and this is another attempt to frighten and intimidate the Kurdish community coming just a month after the Halkevi Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre in Hackney was raided. However, given the Kurdish community is used to standing up to thugs with guns they are not easily intimidated.

However, the fact armed police were sent to raid the tent of Kurds supporting OccupyLSX is extremely worrying, and must be opposed. To the more cynically minded this could be seen as an attempt to split support for and amongst protesters, and we hope the Kurdish protesters are receiving full support and solidarity from those at OccupyLSX.

5 thoughts on “Armed police raid Kurdish tent at OccupyLSX

  1. I was there while this search was taking place and afterwards had a funny recollection. On Tuesday notorious spies Discombe and Cowlin were out patrolling the occupation in the afternoon and stopped for a while at the Kurdish tent making notes. I didn’t think too much of it at the time but after the police came in on ‘an anonymous 999 tip’ I found it too much of a coincidence.

    The occupation stands in solidarity with the Kurdish community.

  2. Hello. Just for the note :

    Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phonesCivil liberties group raises concerns over Met police purchase of technology to track public handsets over a targeted area

    Britain’s largest police force is operating covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network, transmitting a signal that allows authorities to shut off phones remotely, intercept communications and gather data about thousands of users in a targeted area.

  3. just another blatant tactic to undermine our movement, trying to assocciate in the publics mindset a link between it and terrorism. doesnt matter that its bull feathers, alot of our species are, im afraid, sheep! and will “think the link” anyhoo. i for 1 whole heartedly support the rite to self determination for the kurdish peoples. long live a free kurdistan, but please end ALL “honour” killings. this isnt the middle ages, its the 21st century “c.e”

  4. well said Windy..We tend to forget about the barbaric behaviuor of some of the kurdish people..Cant believe some are so supportive to those who support barbaric behaviour towards their own kinship

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