>Watching the FIT at the G20

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>Recent articles in the Guardian have brought what we’ve been saying about the FIT for some time to a wider audience. With demonstrations in London against the G20 planned for the end of March and start of April, many thousands of people will have the chance to see the FIT in action for themselves. The FIT will certainly be out in force for the week of events, kicking off with TUC march on 28 March, then the convergence on the City of London on 1 April and the G20 Meltdown events around the ExCel Centre on 2 April.

We’re in a stronger position now than ever. The media coverage, and the comments posted on websites, shows that the police antipathy to demonstrators is no longer something to which a few people object. Rather, building on the work we’ve been doing for several years we have an opportunity to really make a mark at the end of the month, when a severe blow can be struck against the FIT. The demonstrations against the vile Israeli onslaught on Gaza show that the FIT haven’t as tight a grip as once they did. To keep up the momentum and to increase the pressure, we urge you to participate in fitwatching activities. This can be as confrontational as you like, from noting their numbers and taking their pictures – still legal despite reports to the contrary – to getting in the way of their cameras and preventing them taking your photograph, or the photographs of others around you.

Point out the FIT to people around you and tell them what the FIT are up to – the FIT thrive on hiding among their colleagues and hate being thrust into the limelight.

To make the most of this opportunity, we need your help. Come along on March 28, on April 1 and April 2 – and, don’t forget, your pictures of the FIT could win you a prize. For full details see the website.

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