Disrupt the FIT at DSEi!

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It’s that time again. DSEi, Defence Systems Equipment International, the world’s largest arms fair, is returning to ExCeL, and Disarm DSEi, alongside others in the Stop the Arms Fair Coalition will be trying to stop them. 13th September has been announced as the main day of action, with Disarm DSEi calling for people to stop the arms dealers in their tracks by blockading the DLR from 10am at Custom House station. Actions will be continuing throughout the week, including at the arms dealers dinner on Thursday.

Policing is likely to be repressive, and previous protests have been marred by police violence and FIT harassment. Whilst two years ago, protesters had the novelty of actually being allowed to voice their opposition, it is unlikely the MET will allow this to happen again.

Fitwatch has a long history with Disarm DSEi, with the first ever Fitwatch action occurring outside a Disarm meeting, and this is a call to continue this resistance.

Frustrate the FIT at every opportunity. Take banners and block their cameras; prevent their free movement through the protest; take action if you see someone being harassed; take their photos and numbers and send them to Fitwatch.

And, as usual, mask up, protect your anonymity (take spare masks for those who might forget), don’t give details if stopped and searched and remember NO COMMENT if arrested. Show solidarity with other protesters and show we will fight back and refuse to tolerate any repressive policing.

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