‘Intelligence on the cheap’? Only if you don’t ask questions.

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According to an Evening Standard article on Friday, those poor detectives at NPOIU are providing ‘intelligence on the cheap’, having to buy heaters for their freezing offices and living off Mcdonalds and Burger King.

However, like the majority of Evening Standard articles, the facts and figures only make sense if you don’t start asking questions. Firstly, it is difficult to tell which part of the NPIOU these figures are based on, or where the figures came from in the first place. Whilst it would be lovely to think they had emerged as part of an open and accountable police force, the piece reads far more as a drip fed police story served into the unquestioning hungry mouth of an Evening Standard hack.

Given there are no obvious figures for undercover work – regular accommodation, vehicles etc., it seems likely, although impossible to say for sure, that these figures are based on uniformed operations, and keeping, amongst others, the above pictured bunch of miscreants employed.

The figures themselves also do not stand up to scrutiny. The 154 hotel visits average at £201 per night, meals average at £13.50, flights (mostly domestic, and very questionable as to their necessity) at £150.95, and train journeys at £67.57. And whilst there are claims for 125 receipts for the M6 toll, no mention is made of how much the mileage of all these excursions have cost the tax payer. This is not doing things on the cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

More importantly, we need to look at why this money is being spent. Close to £100k worth of expenses are listed in the Standard article, which are only a very small part of the operational costs. This money is being spent on activities such as sending Ian Caswell to Plymouth to spy on those nefarious domestic extremists in Trident Ploughshares (did this involve one of the flights? A night in a hotel?), and monitoring gatherings such as Earth First.

Bringing NPOIU under the control of the Met has not legitimatised it and every penny spent on the unit is a penny too much. This is still a shadowy organisation happy to waste vast amounts of public money spying on protesters, and it must be disbanded.

10 thoughts on “‘Intelligence on the cheap’? Only if you don’t ask questions.

  1. the funny thing is the npio is not the nastiness thing about the met ,the worst thing is ,as a force they are evil to the core, from the bobby on the beat who lies for his colege who takes a liberty ,to the deaths in police custody which i think is a national disgrace.

  2. Yes , that’s right “police are evil.” Evil how? Vader evil ?,please expand Antigjones. Saw one of them dancing today at Carnival, never mind about “White men can’t jump!” this was , White man can’t dance! Although he didn’t appear spawn of Satin evil!!

  3. Ian Caswell and Mark sully also enjoyed a nice trip to Oslo in 2009 where they were the guests of Norway’s finest ,and yes they were sort of Vader, spawn of Satan, child catcher from Chitty Chitty bang bang evil……honest.

  4. if you want a better description of evil,read francis beckett artical in the guardian on 3rd of july 2011 .these are the words of a normal member of the public who had no axe to grind before he saw the british police force in their true light.they are cruel,inhumane,barbaric and brutal.they look on people with disdain .they think they are above everyone else.bullying police thugs who think they can do what they like and get away with it.his final words were,i have no faith at all in the police. words from a normal kid who thought about joining the police.if you would like another quick example look at the evil bastard that thought it was ok to make up songs about the murder of mark saunders to taunt his family at the inquest.

  5. Lynne, nice reference to child catcher, that is evil!Antigjones , that bloke that did the songs wasn’t evil , just dumb! But seriously , you can’t label an entire proffesion evil, surely there must be a few good ones. One helped me get my bike back yesterday. He didn’t appear evil, in fact he was the opposite of evil….good! Go figure!?

  6. childcatcher is agood one ,reminds me of that policewoman that said to all the kids protesting at fotrtnum and masons,come outside little children,its ok we wont harm you and we all no what happened next,dont we.

  7. sometimes the apparent humanity that the police try to show on the exterior actually makes them more distasteful and obscene when they do act cruelly. alot of these cop types are disassociated psychos with split personalities which makes them fucking scary next level wankers. but who wants a society where people are constantly under the threat of violence.

  8. Please start putting more articles and generate some interest in this sight, have you seen inspector gadgets sight, he is kicking our butts. There must be some interesting stuff happening in the fit world or po po in general !

  9. antijones, if the mark saunders song refernces story is true, tehy weren’t supposed to be found out ,.by the family ,apart from the one with the swearing in all the otehrs were things like in plane sight, hardly odd things to say, i knew a copper once who would get almost every other arrest the person nicked would say i wanted to join the police before this, funny that

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