The reason why the youth hate the police

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This brilliant video appeared on youtube, and has also been published on the Police State UK site. It really shows the sort of mind-set the police have. I’d guess that a lot of people will recognise that arrogant, petty and vindictive attitude.

The cops appear to be Forest Gate, and as far as I can make out the number of the cop is KF 5309. It’s possible though, it may be KE (East Ham).

Anyone in East London who sees him could maybe think of some choice words to say.

24 thoughts on “The reason why the youth hate the police

  1. What powers did they abuse? The lad being searched seemed fine. It was the douche with the camera that caused the grief!

  2. I agree with the previous Anonymous – it’s the douchebag with the camera causing the problems. The Police were just doing their job and the guy being searched seemed quite happy but the gobby twat behind the camera just can’t let it lie.

  3. The cameraman was immediately rude, aggressive and confrontational. I’d have searched him too; he was clearly on the defensive.
    People look for any excuse to abuse the police. The truth is, the moment you need them they’ll no longer be “pigs” or “nazis”. It’s time Britain regained the ability to be respectful, and stop acting like a victim when you’re faced with repercussions for acting like a thug.

  4. The policeman shouldn’t have deliberately stood in front of the youth but the youth was aggressive from the outset. The officer repeatedly asked him to ‘calm down’ and he continued to speak aggressively to him using phrases like “I’m here to make sure you’re doing your job properly”.

    The youth was acting like a total bellend. At least his friend was cooperating with the police.

    If these kids have such a problem with the police, why don’t they apply to be volunteer police officers or PCSO’s and try to change things from the inside instead of harassing officers?

  5. I would argue that the policeman in question was being silently aggressive and unnecessarily provocative, standing in front of the cameraman and following his every move.
    Said cameraman then played directly into the policeman’s hands with his less silently aggressive response. But he DID have a point – he was allowed to stand and film, and should have been left to do so.
    He was being wound up and was foolish enough to react in such a way that he invited further attention from the police, to the point where they could justify themselves in apprehending him. But their attitude was wrong, and unnecessarily confrontational. I imagine if he reviews this situation with a superior, he’d be told to act differently, no? I hope we can agree on that.

    1. ‘foolish?’ No, he wasn’t being foolish, he was asserting his right to film a stop and search. There have been many instances of police misusing this power, and he was absolutely right to insist it was caught on camera. He moved around the cop who was trying to block his view, but was nowhere near obstructing the search. He had it spot on, and the cops didnt like it. So they decided to wrestle him to the floor to teach him a lesson.

      The way the police behaved here is not unusual. Some of us at Fitwatch have had very similar experiences when photographing or filming the police. They think they are above the law, and can do what they want.

      There are a lot of people who seem to think its ok for the police to behave like that. Fine, but then dont be surprised when London goes up in flames.

  6. I have never heard a bigger whiney bitch screeching like a schoolgirl. He could have filmed it, but he walked up towards the cops doing the search. That’s obstructing an officer in the course of his duties. The inspector did not stop him filming, he stopped him walking up to obstruct.

  7. We have no information on why the kid was being questioned by the police; that cannot be included in any subjective argument about this video.

    The youth with the Camera was directly aggressive from the get go; What suggests to you that anyone should put up with that attitude? Being a member of the MET makes no difference, if you take that tone with some who is doing their job you can expect to be treated in the same fashion. We cannot at any point see what the Camera man was physically doing; he could have been going for a knife in his pocket. or waving, or nothing at all. The police are entitled to search someone if they act in manor in which it’s deemed necessary; he acted horrendously and as such the police searched him. He resisted; that was his choice but it meant they had to act.

    Members of the public are entitled to film the police at any point, but they are not allowed to interfere with Police conduct. Their are incredibly obvious reasons as to why this might be the case.

  8. take pictures of all of them whenever you can,try to have a backup man so when they beat you, you can show the public what these scumbags are really like ,these paramillatary pigs have nothing in common with the traditional british boobby they are a force of evil ,who all feed at murdochs trough.stephenson is a puppet murdock runs the mey

  9. take pictures of all of them whenever you can,try to have a backup man so when they beat you, you can show the public what these scumbags are really like ,these paramillatary pigs have nothing in common with the traditional british boobby they are a force of evil ,who all feed at murdochs trough.stephenson is a puppet murdock runs the met

  10. Na that guy wasn’t ok with been searched why would you be ok with somebody putting their hands an you against your will, he just knew that to object is to be arrested and assaulted further for no reason other than upsetting poor mr police man. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. The guy filming has every right and the police have no reason for this to cause concern. However they are rarely called to account for their blatent racism and disgusting childish attitude

  11. I am 16 and am hoping to join the police. I must say, just leave the police do their job and STOP QUESTIONING EVERYTHING THEY DO!

  12. I’ve just seen this video and my sympathies go out tot he victim.

    I suffer from depression and made an off the cuff comment about wanting to kill myself. They subsequently arrested me under the mental health act. But not before they twisted my arm up my back. When I told them to stop as I suffer from osteoprosis (weak bones) they twisted it further and leant on my hip. I now have possible nerve damage in my wrist and hip.

    Do I respect the police – you must be joking. In fact I hate the lot of them and won’t even get out of the way of them.

    Ambulance crew and firemen I have the utmost respect for, but police are simply bullies in uniform.

    In case anyone reading this thinks I am a young kid – I am in my mid forties and run a successful business with staff. I was bought up to respect the police, but I can’t pass that on to my kids (who witnessed everything the police did to me). So now my kids (aged 4 and 6) also hate the police.

    If either of my kids wanted to be a copper that would bring the biggest shame on me.

  13. reason people hate pigs is that they think they better than anyone else and infact they no fucking diffrent theres one law for them and another for the public . plus they rather pick on the motorist cause certain fact they fucking crap dealing with burglaries and cps is fucking useless also the judge must have his fucking eyes closed .

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