This is what ‘robust’ policing looks like

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The video shows a unit of Manchester riot police baton, punch and kick three youths on push bikes. The police carrying on kicking and punching them even when they are on the ground. Is this the sort of ‘robust’ policing that David Cameron and the politicians of all parties have been clamouring for?

5 thoughts on “This is what ‘robust’ policing looks like

  1. Cunts…fucking cunts??? Last I checked, the little shits in this video were robbing stores in the city centre. It’s thanks to namby pamby fucks like the author of this article that we have 13 year olds running around our city centre burning it to the floor and looting everything in site while the police could only retreat as they have no actual power to fight back physically without the threat of suspension, loss of job or becoming a total social pariah, and that goes not only for the police…but for anyone to actually punish scum.

    God help us if the police had used the plastic bullets, tear gas and water cannons on them that was discussed at the time of the riots. I’m sure then that you would have used it to every advantage possible for the next 10 years to show the police to be hell bent on ‘abusing their power’ against a bunch of mindless shits that destroyed businesses, jobs, livelyhoods. I suppose I’m wrong though, because I have a job and don’t attend the real world of university like you though. This video was the first, and only to my knowledge that dishes out some justice to the mindless scum that you are protecting by writing this article actually blaming the police!!

    I for one am glad that the police used excessive force on that recorded occasion. If anything, it captured their frustration at having to work 20 hour shifts after being pelted with bricks and fireworks. I hope to god next time, you are the one stuck in the middle of the riot watching your possessions, or your business being torched, or even being mugged or robbed at knifepoint. We will see then how just how much you critisise ‘the robust policing’ of ‘mercenaries’.

  2. Hey system.
    You clearly have issues. Presumably you aren’t on benefits, obtain any form of tax credits etc as you are so against “the system”.

  3. The little arseholes deserved it. Whilst you were all safe and tucked up in bed these little dicks were out setting peoples’ houses on fire.

  4. Attention EJ and Bob. If you’d troubled to watch it in YouTube you could have read the account with the video …..

    “The man on the bike gets up on his own, and is ushered to the side of the road by a policeman. Another man with a bike is questioned, and allowed to continue on.

    After seeming to question those they had caught for a few minutes, the two teams met at the top of the hill and left with the TAU van, heading back towards the city centre.”

    So who were the thugs ??

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