Solidarity with Charlie Gilmour

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Predictably there has been a lot of interest and comment on the sentencing of Charlie Gilmour to sixteen months for two counts of violent disorder. It has been both suggested this was lenient because he’ll only do eight months or less on a tag, and that it was a harsher sentence because of his parent’s notoriety.

Neither of these sentiments are accurate. It is a harsh, unjustified sentence – certainly far longer than those involved in drunken violence on a Saturday night receive. And those who think it’s not long should fuck off and spend a week in prison before making such facile statements.

However, Charlie also hasn’t been sentenced to sixteen months for being rich and privileged, but because he was part of a militant movement which the state is seeking to crush. This is just one more sentence in a long line of deterrent punishments being passed down by the courts, including our Antifa comrades who were sentenced for 21 months for conspiracy to commit violent disorder under very dubious circumstances. Anyone politically motivated and found or pleading guilty is being made an example of, and after Frank Fernie received twelve months for throwing two harmless sticks last week, it was inevitable, with two counts of violent disorder against him, Charlie Gilmour would face a longer stretch.

It has been made very clear to anyone facing violent disorder charges from recent protests that they will be sent to prison if convicted. This leaves defendants with a simple choice – plead guilty and resign yourself to months behind bars, or fight the cases, put the policing of these protests on trial, and show self defence is not an offence.

9 thoughts on “Solidarity with Charlie Gilmour

  1. “And those who think it’s not long should fuck off and spend a week in prison before making such facile statements”

    Have spent more than a week much more than a week in prison, and I dont think the sentence was long harsh maybe but not long.
    As far as solidarity with gilmour goes fuck him and his pop star dad, the sniveling little cunt didnt even have the balls to stand up in court like a man and stand up for his convictions,or those that you seem to have given him. His brief just licked arse for him while he just whined about not knowing the history of this country, so maybe you should just ease up on the telling people to fuck off trip.

  2. Gilmour deserved what he got. Desecrating the cenotaph was a stab in the back of all of those who died for his freedom and a knife to the heart of their families. And his fellow prisoners won’t forget this, or the fact of his privilege and riches.

    Or maybe he’d prefer to live under a regime such as the Third German Reich. Wonder how long he’d live after an attack on a memorial to their dead.

  3. Charlie is an arse, whilst I support the fundamental core of the protest, his actions in swinging from the War memorial, desecrated the memory of the very people who fought to give him the right to give him the democratic right to speak out and protest in the first place….his actions, and the actions of many at the march went beyond the bounds of legitimate action..quite frankly they where involved in the violent actions they undertook for no other reason than that they enjoyed they must suffer the consequences

  4. Charlie Gilmore was tripping his face off and i don’t see how he can be a political protestor if he doesn’t know what the Cenotaph is. Francis Fernie was drunk. I’m not saying the sentences aren’t unduely harsh but why make life easier for the police, CPS, and judges?

    Can Fitwatch publish again the advice on attending peaceful protests which include not getting pissed or carrying booze/drugs?

  5. Frank wasn’t drunk – he’d had half a can. He did however have a head injury from police batons. His first lawyer told him to plead guilty to everything, to talk up ‘drunk’ in mitigation, and not to mention the head injury :(

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