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We’d also like to introduce Detective Sergeant Ken Norman. Ken works for CO11 doing the ‘detective’ work for the Met’s public order unit. His work has included a number of Fitwatch trials, where people have been prosecuted (but rarely convicted) for obstructing police cameras. He is most noticable in his police liaison role, where he works with the courts, prosecution lawyers and police witnesses to make sure the police put forward ‘the best possible case’ and get convictions. Happily, his success rate doesn’t seem to be very high.

We think he may work alongside the National Domestic Extremism Team, a small unit run by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) which appears to exist purely to pursue prosecutions against political activists. It’s hard to know for certain however, because so little is known about this less-than-accountable unit, and Ken, for all his friendly smiles, is not exactly open with us about the structures he works within. (That’s an open invitation, Ken – tell us all about it!)

Ken is well known for his friendly/chatty routine, but don’t be fooled. If you are in court for a politically motivated offence, he’ll want to get to know you a little. And it’s not because he wants a new friend on facebook….

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