FIT cops cover up attack on Ian Tomlinson.

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Alan Palfrey EK 127

Two years ago, FIT cops Steve Discombe, Alan Palfrey and Ryan Cowlin stood only feet away from Ian Tomlinson when he was hit by PC Harwood, a blow which led to Tomlinson’s death.  But, according to an IPCC report out today, they claim to have seen very little of the attack and didn’t even bother to include it in a written report.  In fact they appear to have done everything they could to prevent the truth becoming known.

PC Steve Discombe is a field intelligence officer in New Scotland Yard.  As is Cowlin.  Palfrey is a borough officer from Camden who regularly takes on a FIT role.  All three are well-known for harassment, intimidation and violence. 

Steve Discombe CO2558

Their alleged role as an intelligence team is to gather intelligence and evidence of criminality.  This they plainly failed to do when they witnessed Harwood’s attack on a man who was walking away from police lines.  Despite standing so close, one of them claimed to have seen nothing at all, while the other two gave very few details of what happened.  Discombe appeared to be more concerned with Harwood’s ‘almost perfect’ technique in delivering the blow, than the harm Tomlinson sustained as a victim of an unprovoked attack. 

None of them intervened to help Tomlinson, and none of them expressed any concern at Harwood’s use of force. 

From the IPCC report:

 “PC Discombe describes Mr Tomlinson as falling “forwards but appeared to brace himself on impact with the pavement. He rolled on to his side, leant up and said something to the Officers who were now facing him. I looked away from Mr Tomlinson and did not see him again”.

“In describing the baton strike PC Discombe states that at the moment when he was struck, Mr Tomlinson was walking away from the cordon and that he remembered thinking “that the strike was delivered in an almost perfect training stance”.”

 PC Palfrey took even less notice of the attack than Discombe.  He stated:

“With regard to the baton strike I do not recall anything other than the strike landing on Ian Tomlinson’s leg… I do not recall the reaction of Ian Tomlinson to either the baton strike or push”.

 Ryan Cowlin, despite being only feet away from the incident had no recollection whatsoever of having seen Mr Tomlinson on 1 April.” 

While the three FIT cops above were clearly complicit in the cover up, they were not alone.

Discombe, Cowlin and Palfrey did extremely little to dismantle the veil of silence and misinformation that surrounded Tomlinsons death.  The complete lack of respect and concern from these FIT cops for a man who was killed for walking the wrong way through a demonstration is truly sickening. 

Cowlin CO5466

These are highly paid ‘specialist’ intelligence cops who write detailed reports about what shoelaces activists are wearing, and where they might have bought a cup of coffee.  They harass and pursue campaigners for protesting in ‘the wrong place’, or for occupying a branch of RBS.  But when a real crime happened, they were looking the other way.

11 thoughts on “FIT cops cover up attack on Ian Tomlinson.

  1. A refreshing viewpoint. Well done.

    The police aren’t interested in public safety. Senior police officers are politically motivated and their objective is to suppress dissent. This is why they encourage and defend renegade officers. ACPO, the IPCC, the CPS and the courts all support deeply unpopular and undemocratic government policy to enrich the greedy and impoverish the ordinary citizen.

    Propaganda, lies and brutality are the tools of the trade.

  2. Excellent article and yes they all eat from the same trough. How can we ever hope to trust our police force when this is how they behave? it takes courage to speak the truth and cowards find it so easy to lie.

    I am waiting to see how they get themselves out of the death of Smiley Culture. I noticed MURDOCH’S SUN was first to publish the cover-up..he went to make a cup of tea… indeed!

  3. regarding the smiley culture death, i think we should wait until all the facts are on the pathology reports from both the family and home office pathologists.Whilst i wonder why someone under arrest had the freedom to walk around unsupervised, i cannot begin to believe that one of the officers would deliberately stab him to death.Handcuffing people is not a god given right of the police and they have to ustify using them on every occasion.Perhaps they felt on this occasion that they didnt need to .Sadly this has proven to be the wrong decision which must be fully investigated.

  4. From Met police press bureau:

    MPS statement in response to IPCC reports concerning Ian Tomlinson

    The Met welcomes the IPCC findings which include that there was no evidence concerning complaints that officers failed to protect Mr Tomlinson from assault and subsequently no case to answer in relation to misconduct.

    In addition, complaints about the conduct of MPS officers around Royal Exchange Buildings and alleged failures in first aid were not upheld and the report rightly acknowledges that broader lessons following G20 have been addressed by the MPS.

    The IPCC has also found today (9 May) that there was no evidence any MPS police or press officer attempted to mislead.

    Since the incident there have been claims that the MPS denied there was prior police contact with Mr Tomlinson. The report finds there is no evidence of this.

    The report concerning information supplied to the pathologists by an MPS officer found that although incorrect information was given this was an honestly held belief and there was no evidence of intent to mislead and no lasting damage to the investigation.

    These are important findings for the MPS. These investigations have dealt with a series of complaints in a thorough and fair process, which we have fully supported.

  5. The IPCC investigation into G20 was part led by a guy called Simon Cousins, who incidentally was an ex met royalty protection officer

  6. thats the problem we are facing with these elitist fucks…..always stick together like the clan they are even though they are supposed to work for us. what a total hypocrisy. the public shouldnt have to pay for this shit

  7. If was down to the Met and City of London we wouldn’t even of heard these dodgy police statements, and sent this half hearted grudgingly done IPCC investigation.

    Remember we only know Ian Tomlinson was assaulted by the police because of an American sent a video of the incident to the Guardian. Before that the police had stated his death was nothing to do with protests and that he had, had not contact with the police. His autopsy was arranged to go to a police friendly coroner with a history of incompetence.

    They only changed the story when the video made it impossible for them to stick to the orginal.

    Who are the senior officers behind these actions? Until they and Harwood face custodial sentences there can be No Justice, and No Peace.

    Keep watching.

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