Violence at TUC demo – EK 148 – Hatcher

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The following text is taken from Freedom

EK 148 can now be identified as Hatcher – identified from the Fitwatch spotter card

VIOLENCE AT TUC DEMO Published March 27, 2011

Violent thug who seriously injured a girl at yesterday’s protest

Freedom exposes one of the known hardcore troublemakers intent on violence at the March 26th demo. Police went on the rampage yesterday as they attacked random people in the streets during the massive anti-cuts demonstration. Official figures put the number of people injured by police at 84, with 11 people needing hospital treatment. Hundreds more were beaten and attacked as they came under sustained attack from police who many felt were out of control. One protester commented as riot police rushed into a peaceful crowd “‘This is just mindless vandalism, hooliganism, it’s nothing to do with protest”.

Eye witness reports say they saw one such troublemaker EK148 (pictured) attacking a girl cracking open her skull outside Fortnum & Mason, the exclusive department store, which was occupied by UK Uncut activitists. The copper who seriously injured the young girl is a regular FIT (Forward Intelligence Team) and known to political activists. He is is based in Camden, North London.

We will inform readers if he is held to account for his criminal behaviour.

11 thoughts on “Violence at TUC demo – EK 148 – Hatcher

  1. The reason they all dress the same is to disguise their identities, but some forget to cover their faces and remove their numbers, duh!

  2. Could you please make a database of bad cops and suspicious cops?
    On that can be searched on descriptions of them or partial badge numbers, and contains misbehaviours, endings of complaints against them, …
    So victims stand a better chance of identifying criminal cops and filing charges against them gets more effective.
    Perhaps also set up a site where information requests for eyewitness reports or photo’s of power abuse by bad cops can be done so proscecuting bad cops becomes easier?

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