Top ten nasty FIT cops No3 Alan Palfrey

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Alan Palfrey EK 127

Alan Palfrey is a regular FIT member, with a knack of being in all the wrong places.

He was at the massive climate camp in Kingsnorth in 2008, where ‘intelligence gathering’ hit new heights as thousands of protesters were stopped, searched and pressurised to give their personal details. A fair part of this stop and search operation was later found to be unlawful.

While at Kingsnorth, Alan Palfrey was present at arrest of three Fitwatchers, who were monitoring and observing the stop and search operation there. The three were violently arrested after they had attempted to photograph a search copper who was not displaying a shoulder number. Two of the three were subsequently imprisoned for four days, until the climate camp was over. A few months later police dropped all charges.

Palfrey was also identified by Fitwatch activists as being present during the attack on Ian Tomlinson at the G20 demonstrations in 2009. Ian Tomlinson died after being hit and pushed to the ground by police at the protest. No criminal procedures have been taken against any Met officer as a result of their actions against Tomlinson, and the family are still fighting for justice.

As a FIT officer tasked with gathering intelligence and evidence of criminal behaviour, Palfrey doesn’t appear to have done his job very well on that occasion. Perhaps he was looking the other way.

The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson starts on Monday 28th March. The family have appealed for supporters to attend.

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  1. Regarding that violent arrest at Kingsnorth, I was so outraged I wrote to my MP, Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary at the time. He said in reply that he understood that it was being investigated, “and rightly so”. What happened in that case? Should I write again?

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