Top ten Nasty FIT cops – 4&5 Guy Rooney and Glenn Williams

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These two are both regular FIT officers, often out accompanying FIT photographers. Their job is to gather intelligence. They tell the photographers which shots to get, and make audio recordings of everything they want to note.

The audio recordings they make end up as CRIMINT reports, which are entered onto the CRIMINT (criminal intelligence) database.

Everything and everybody who ‘comes to their attention’ ends up on a CRIMINT report. CRIMINT entries can include people who hold a megaphone, hand out leaflets, or are just ‘part of a group’. Glenn Williams got FIT into hot water last year when he even put an MP and government advisor on the criminal intelligence database for speaking at a stop the war rally.

CRIMINT databases are searchable, and the police can use your name, or even your description, to pull up ‘intelligence’ they’ve compiled on you. This can include protests you’ve attended, political groups you’re involved in, and people you hang around with.

If your name crops up a few times, you may well have your photo taken and uploaded to the Met’s public order image database too. Then you could end up on a ‘spotter card’ and on the receiving end of some real hassle.

Of course there is no need to have done anything unlawful to get noticed or even followed around by these two or their mates. Guy Rooney once said in court that being ‘young, male and in a group’ was enough to justify FIT harassment and intimidation.

Rooney and Williams are well known FIT cops. If you see them, they are probably up to no good. You may want to do the general public a good turn, and engage in a bit of Fitwatching. Any further info on the activities of these – or any other – FIT cop would be happily received!

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