Top Ten nasty FIT cops – No7 EK68

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EK 68

We don’t know the name (yet) of this cop, but believe he needs to be up there on this list, after he was snapped punching a woman outside the Egyptian embassy during a student protest.

The picture doesn’t show his shoulder number clearly, but with other information we have received we have managed to identify him as EK68.

FIT cops seem to think it ok not only to fabricate evidence against student protesters, but to punch them too.

If you see this one out and about, remember he has a short fuse and a practiced right hook.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten nasty FIT cops – No7 EK68

  1. It seems his practiced left hook is only for women, must be one of their brave wife beaters. Why is it that so many police are into domestic violence??? Must be the superiority feeling they have when out on the streets clubbing women, maybe they even get off on it?

  2. Any evidence available (further photos, something from the female (injury photos), video, something written from someone there) to suggest that this women was actually punched? From the photo linked to above, a number of things could have happened there including her being punched or simply her grabbing the officer and pulling him towards her.

    It’s also worth noting the reactions of other activists and police officers at the scene, do they really look like they’re watching someone being punched full pelt in the face? Note the hands in pockets of the masked activists stood nearby…

    I don’t suppose anyone has any further information about this, for example an actual story… If indeed this female was punched, did she do something to deserve it (responders stating ‘there’s never any reason to punch a female’ have clearly never been in a fight with a female!)

    Before anyone criticises me as a police sympathiser (and I do realise I am on a site that can at the very be described as ‘not pro police’), I am merely asking because so little information about this has been published and you’re asking people to make their mind up from 1/125 of a second of footage without any other information. Admittedly I haven’t looked and if there are other pages out there (Guardian, Indy, blog etc), then it would have been nice for FIT to actually link it.

    I would prefer not to receive answers like “believe me she was punched” etc…

  3. re Mr/mrs anonymous-do you hide your id because you know you’re wrong?- it was witnessed by several people outside the embassy that he physically assualted a person asserting their freedom to express themselves. This was receorded on camera, of which the lovely police tried confiscate under section 44, unsuccessfully i might add!

  4. @anonymous – ok, fair points. The photograph that was taken on the day was taken by a professional journalist, and carries the caption Evidence Gatherer punches a protester. Admittedly those around her have not yet reacted, but that could merely suggest the assault came out of the blue and was not anticipated.

    That photograph was published back in December. The reason we have not published the story until now is that we have only just received independent verification that this happened. We are not at liberty to reveal any further details of the witness, but I believe it is credible information.

    That this was never picked up by the media doesn’t mean it didnt happen. It may be that the victim of this punch didnt want to be publicly identified, or perhaps didnt want to take it through ‘the proper channels’. If that is the case I really don’t blame her. Or it may be that it simply fell under the media radar. I genuinely don’t know.

    We have published it in this way because we’d like people to be watching out for this FIT cop, to make sure he doesn’t get the chance to punch anyone else.

  5. Cool, so far, so good, one thought out response from Really Fit – thank you and one post from ‘Mr trueman’ boosting about someone getting one over on the police but using ‘weasel words’ such as ‘witnessed by several people’ but without any facts about who these people were, what they saw, why they were there etc etc.

    I’m obviously not asking for them to come and post a vidcast with their name and address but I find it hard to believe this has been so easily swept under the carpet and not picked up by some of the other blogs etc around the internet. How can a story like this be ‘verifiable’ (not playing devil’s advocate but a genuine question)?

    I don’t really care why the girl was there, whether it was ‘asserting their freedom to express themselves’ or waiting for drug dealer Joe Bloggs to come along an deal her a bag of the good stuff, without the full story; the presentation of this article can only lead us to one conclusion – that this girl was innocently minding her own business when plod came up and beat her up – This of course may or may not be the case… This is what upsets me as much as the government and main stream press branding all students and violent thugs.

    On another note, not sure if S44 would be a power to seize a camera given it’s a (now scrapped) stop and search power, I would suggest S19 would be more likely but seeing as how police are given specific instructions not to use this at demos, I would love to know more about this part of the tail rather than an open ended statement which, sadly, lesser experienced readers will misinterpret and get themselves in trouble over.

    I don’t know how I can be criticised for posting anonymously, I hardly think ‘Mr trueman’ is an onymous name (well it may be for those who know you but not the rest of us who read this blog). I post anonymously because I am nothing to do with the scene, I am merely a curious bystander who cannot be bothered to sign up where there is no requirement to do so. I do not post under any other handle. If I signed up my posts would have a username next to them but little more; I’m hardly going to use my real name now am I?

    Given how prolific members of the community are at documenting police actions at any form of demonstration/action/whatever, I am surprised there is not more photographs and videos. The photograph has been captioned but is there not a statement or blog entry from the photographer saying what (s)he saw? I know a picture can say a thousand words but it can quite easily say a thousand incorrect words when taken out of context… I can understand the girl may not want to do official channels such as IPCC since they haven’t exactly got the results many believe they should have.

    I am not stating ‘this did not happen'; but I also want more information to allow me to make my own mind up. You call this officer a ‘nasty cop’ must like the mail calls peaceful protesters ‘violent extremist’ – with only part of the story and part of the information needed for the more reasoned and balanced of us to make up our own minds. Truth be told, if this copper did punch the girl without it being necessary or proportional then he deserves to be out of the job – a disgrace to his profession.

  6. So do I from teenage boxing, would only use it to defend myself, (or other innocent protestors) though guys. I’d actually be quite interested to hear others opinions on this defence issue if you’ve got time. cheers.

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