Top ten nasty FIT cops. No6 Gavin Paul

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Gavin Paul

Like numbers 8 and 9, Gavin Paul is a civilian photographer, not a cop, although he behaves like one. A long serving and experienced FIT photographer, he has shoved his camera in the faces of thousands of protesters. And he doesn’t mind using a bit of muscle.

Gavin Paul was one of the FIT photographers deployed at the Israeli embassy in 2009. On one of the smaller quieter demos, he approached and physically assaulted two Fitwatchers who were attempting to take a photo of him, throwing one of them to the ground.

Unsurprisingly, he was not arrested by any of the large number of police officers that witnessed the incident. Perhaps the Metropolitan police think its ok to use force to protect yourself from unwanted photography? Or perhaps that only applies if you’re wearing a Met uniform.

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