Top Ten Nasty FIT cops

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Smellie with his old FIT no - now U5042

In the run up to the TUC march on the 26th March, we thought we’d run a series of top ten nasty FIT cops for you to look out for.

Number One in the series is the now notorious Delroy Smellie.

Smellie is a FIT cop of days long gone, before he went to join the TSG. After hitting the headlines for violence against protester Nicky Fisher, the TSG decided he was better suited to intelligence, and put him back on FIT duty. He’s been seen at UK Uncut demos, amongst others, and now sports the shoulder number U5042.

Smellie’s a big bloke, which made it even more shocking that he laid into Nicky, who is not a big woman. He slapped her in the face, and followed it up with a couple of baton strikes to the leg. She had apparently shouted at him a bit, and he felt threatened, fearing the carton of orange juice she was carrying was, in fact, a weapon.

The case went to court, but Nicky Fisher failed to appear, and Smellie got off.

There are two possible conclusions. Either Smellie is a bully, who likes throwing his considerable weight around, or he’s a ridiculous coward, threatened by cartons of orange juice. On second thoughts, he’s probably both.

If you see him out and about, let him know what you think of him. Call him by his name, I’m sure he’d like that.

If you do see him, let us know. Better still, take some pictures and send them to us at Fitwatch.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Nasty FIT cops

  1. smellie is in the LOW intelligence league,corrupt uniformed thug,he must have been felling the squeeze from the orange juice,carton of orange juice a weapon what a joke,better keep him out of tescos then as there is loads of women walking about with weapons in their trolleys

  2. Hey; I got the impression from the courts that the girl Smellie hit was being very abusive and he’d warned her to get away from him many times. As he said in his defense, he hit her on the leg because anywhere else on her body might have risked breaking something due to the difference in size between them. As acts of violence go, it was a pretty responsible one, and one I’d carry out myself (at least!) if someone was shouting abuse at me and wouldn’t go away after repeatedly being asked to.
    No, I’m not a copper, and I’m only about as connected to the police as I am to Kevin Bacon.

  3. Where’s the other 9 then? I’m sure the bloke above is a prize CU next Thorsday, but wasn’t the DS we saw on video a white fella? ACAB/ChWDP and all that, Hazza.

  4. saw Smellie today – it seems that he really is *not* fond of protesters calling him by name… oh well at least he didn’t hit me (I’m also a small woman)

  5. Yes, Smellie was on duty on March 26th and up to his old tricks, striking at least one demonstrator over the head with his baton. The latter had to go to hospital for checks as to brain damage. Hopefully more of this will come out soon.

  6. I had to have a CAT Scan and ECG after being violently attacked and arrested by Smellie on the 26th. Still have blurred vision in one eye and headaches and other worrying symptoms a week later. The other cops do not have a lot of time for this bloke at all.

  7. Joeyjojo
    You say if someone was shouting at you and wouldn’t go away you’d hit them on the legs so hard that if you did it to another part of their body you might break something. I hope you’ll come on a demo some time and let the police shout at you a bit – something they’re fond of doing. I’d love to watch while you lose it and start breaking their bones or smacking them on the legs with sticks. They’ll probably sign you up right away.

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