Welcome to the Future, Today.

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For those of us who have watched London 2012 with a keen eye from its inception, we have been alarmed by the extent to which it appeared to be just a ‘festival of social control’. Yesterday’s heavy-handed policing of the monthly Critical Mass bike ride  was a chilling confirmation of this. Cyclists who refused to […]

The Most Dangerous Armed Gang in the Country

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A mini-rant from a few FITwatchers – not necessarily representative of the views of the organisation as whole. On Thursday, 19th July, killer cop PC Simon Harwood was acquitted of manslaughter at Southwark Crown Court for his role in the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in 2009. Despite a lengthy police record […]

A call to kettle FIT and Police Liaison in Brighton

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Fitwatch are heading to the Smash EDO demo in Brighton on Monday 16th July, and we’d love you to join us. Smash EDO protests have historically been heavily hit by snoopers from the FIT, Police Liaison and the National Domestic Extremism Unit. These are all dangerous, vindictive and untrustworthy characters. Police Liaison Teams (PLTs), with […]