A call to FITWATCH at Smash EDO demo, Monday 4th June

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The high court has decided that it is perfectly ok for the cops to gather as much intel about anyone they like who is in any way connected to the Smash EDO campaign – or any other that uses direct action or civil disobedience. Yesterday they announced that the domestic extremism unit, in holding personal […]

N9 plain clothes cops identified

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As avid readers of the comments pages of this blog and indymedia will know, two of the plain clothes cops who terrorised and dragged people out of the N9 student demo have now been identified. The comments that were posted are re-posted in full below. PC Chris Healey and PC Giles Dainty, both working for […]

FIT at Mayday march, London

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FIT team and the new ‘baby blue’ Police Liasion cops were much in evidence on the Mayday march in London. We’ve also had reports of a PCSO in a FIT role – first time we’ve come across that! Some reports have suggested that the FIT were in evidence partly because the cops seem fixated on […]