Questioning the tactic of “questioning the tactic” of wearing masks at demos

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The following article, originally posted on the Vancouver Media Co-op website, has been reproduced here by FITwatch as we believe it is of relevance in the ongoing debate around the wearing of masks on demonstrations. FITwatch always has, and always will, encourage the wearing of masks on demonstrations – our rulers need not know who […]

‘Extremist’ policing of Leicester EDL demo

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The remarkable ambivalence with which the police treat right wing groups was clearly evident in the policing of the EDL demonstration this week in Leicester. Leicestershire constabulary were clearly happy with facilitating the EDL demonstration, while being equally clearly committed to clamping down heavily on any show of community based opposition, particularly when that opposition […]

HMIC report into domestic extremist units disgusting and farcical

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Well, we always knew HMIC’s ludicrously named ‘review of national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest’ was going to be a farce, and we haven’t been disappointed. The 48 page report published today fails to address any of the concerns addressed by activists, and whilst claiming to recommend tightening of the […]