Plainclothes Police and “Agents Provocateurs” Hysteria.

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FITwatch have been inspired by the amount of people taking an interest in the policing operations on November 9th. FITwatch recognise critical enagagement with policing strategy as being crucial to our success as a protest movement. However, FITwatch wanted to flag one particular area of concern in this debate. Part of Bernard Hogan-Howe’s “Total Policing” […]

Plainclothes cops on education demo

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These are a selection of the plainclothes cops spotted on the education demo on 9th November. Fitwatchers witnessed the violent arrest or one protester and followed the officers. Other photos have come from various sources. REMEMBER THESE FACES! THESE COPS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED ON OUR PROTESTS AGAIN! Fitwatch will be producing handy printable spotter […]

Don’t be intimidated! See you on the streets!

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On the eve of the mass education/sparks/cabbies protest on 9th November, it is clear the state are trying to intimidate us. From the news today that the police have written to protesters arrested at previous demonstrations warning them off protesting (see picture), to the “total policing” of the last couple of weeks witnessed at the […]