‘Intelligence on the cheap’? Only if you don’t ask questions.

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According to an Evening Standard article on Friday, those poor detectives at NPOIU are providing ‘intelligence on the cheap’, having to buy heaters for their freezing offices and living off Mcdonalds and Burger King. However, like the majority of Evening Standard articles, the facts and figures only make sense if you don’t start asking questions. […]

Avon and Somerset police repress local paper

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On the afternoon of august 17th, police raided a house in central Bristol where an editor of local newspaper The Autonomist lives. Riot police kicked down the door of the property without warning, detained the inhabitants for two hours, and seized articles relating to the production of The Autonomist. Delighted journalists from the Evening Post […]

Don’t Panic: Don’t Talk

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The Met today released another 44 photos of people they want to ‘talk to’. The pictures are often of poor quality, and many of the ‘targets’ are masked up. The police have little chance of identifying many of these without help. The information printed above has been distributed around London, but at the same time […]

The reason why the youth hate the police

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This brilliant video appeared on youtube, and has also been published on the Police State UK site. It really shows the sort of mind-set the police have. I’d guess that a lot of people will recognise that arrogant, petty and vindictive attitude. The cops appear to be Forest Gate, and as far as I can […]

This is what ‘robust’ policing looks like

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The video shows a unit of Manchester riot police baton, punch and kick three youths on push bikes. The police carrying on kicking and punching them even when they are on the ground. Is this the sort of ‘robust’ policing that David Cameron and the politicians of all parties have been clamouring for?

A fitwatcher’s view of the riots

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I’ve felt a lot of emotions over the past few days ranging from joy to grief to anger. It’s been amazing to see people fighting back against the police and it’s been equally horrific to see damage to people’s homes and small shops, let alone the deaths in Birmingham yesterday. However, today I am just […]

Police place emphasis on corporate property protection.

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Cars were burned and local businesses attacked in Hackney last night, in the third night of rioting in London. Local residents could only watch as their vehicles were smashed and torched, and in some cases homes were also damaged. Local businesses were also attacked and looted. The local community will inevitably feel bitter and angry […]

FIT teams in Tottenham

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Throughout the unrest FIT teams have been present and taking photos and film from behind police lines, such as in the video of Tottenham shown here. Given they now have three days of footage (and growing), plus all the CCTV from looted buildings etc, it is hard to see how they will ever go through […]

Eyewitness account from Edmonton ‘riot’.

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The police in Edmonton and Enfield last night had clearly lost control. As groups of young‘rioters’ carried out sustained and rapid attacks on predominantly corporate targets, and the police could do little other than race around town in a frantic attempt to minimise damage. The police were clearly psyched up and frustrated that they couldn’t […]

Facebook site calling for photos of PSNI cops gets shut down.

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Facebook has pulled a page calling for members to share accounts and photographs of PSNI (police service of northern Ireland) cops who have been engaged in the harassment of people in republican areas following recent conflicts between republicans and police. The Crown Forces Watch page stated, “Over the past few days in East Tyrone and […]