Solidarity with Charlie Gilmour

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Predictably there has been a lot of interest and comment on the sentencing of Charlie Gilmour to sixteen months for two counts of violent disorder. It has been both suggested this was lenient because he’ll only do eight months or less on a tag, and that it was a harsher sentence because of his parent’s […]

Report from the frontlines of the Ardoyne Orange Order Riot

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Taken from the Workers Solidarity Movement Posted 2011-07-14 Rioting erupted in ‘nationalist areas’ across the North on Tuesday after the annual Orange Order parades. The worst of the trouble was in Ardoyne in North Belfast which left 16 police officers injured and with over 60 lethal plastic bullets fired leaving many people injured. WSM member […]

Plastic bullets used in Belfast riots

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It’s hard to comment on a situation when the only information you have is from BBC reports, but the riots that took place in nationalist / republican areas of Belfast after the 12th July Orange Order parades should probably get at least some mention here, and particularly the continued use of plastic bullets. According to […]

Free Francis Fernie. Resist political sentencing

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Last week, a 20 year old man was given twelve months for violent disorder relating to protests on March 26th outside Fortnum and Masons. He threw two placard sticks, neither of which hurt anyone nor were capable of causing harm. This man, pictured in one of Operation Malone’s witch hunts, handed himself in, gave admissions […]

30 Years Since the Liverpool 8 Uprising – But What Relevance Today?

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It was July 1981 when the Liverpool 8 Uprising – or ‘Toxteth Riots’ as it became known – began. Following the typically aggressive and heavy-handed arrest of Leroy Cooper on Friday 3 July, anger erupted on the streets of one of Liverpool’s most deprived areas in one of the most voracious displays of collective rage […]

This is a FITwatch Call-out.

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This is a FITwatch Call-out. This is a call-out to all those who have ever been on the recieving end of “intelligence-led” policing. This is a call-out to all those who have been pushed up against a wall by riot cops and illegally stop-and-searched. This is a call-out to all those who have had the […]