Congratulations to the Met for manufacturing a threat and dealing with it effectively

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It was never going to be convenient for the cops to admit that all their intelligence was pointing towards the fact most anarchists couldn’t care less about a couple of toffs getting married. Having endured not only the humiliation of a large mobile black bloc on 26th March, but also the earlier debacle of escorting […]

Police raids on squats and social projects

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Wednesday 27th April saw the MET police raiding squats in Brighton and Hove and making an arrest in connection with the March 26 TUC demo in London on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. This person was held in Harrow Road police station near to Kensal Rise in London until around midnight before being […]

Royal wedding hysteria

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The parasites’ big day is nearly upon us and the rhetoric coming from the Met becomes more disturbing by the day with a benign but sinister state message warning us no protest will be tolerated but also advising supporters to monitor the weather! Human rights appear to have been suspended, civil liberties no longer matter […]

Police Attempt to Disrupt Benefit Gigs in South London

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On Saturday 23rd of April and Sunday 24th of April, the Metropolitan Police attempted to harass and intimidate the management of two established and fully licensed venues with intelligence gathering – or ‘fishing’ – exercises. The two venues, both in the Borough of Lambeth in South London, were set to host benefit parties for FITwatch […]

Alabama 3 Headline FITwatch BeneFIT Saturday 23rd April

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This Saturday 23rd April Brixton legends Alabama 3 will be playing an acoustic and unplugged live set, alongside DJ’s from some of London’s finest soundsystems at The Jamm, 261 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6LH. The event, starting at 8 till late, is on offer to FITwatchers and their friends at a mere £5 with the password […]

Liberty condone policing and condemn protesters.

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It’s not surprising, or in the least unexpected, but in a report they released yesterday, Liberty have made it quite clear their sympathies lie far more with the police than with any protester engaging in civil disobedience. The policing of the demonstration on the 26th March, said Liberty, was ‘proportionate and restrained’. The black bloc, […]

Warning – Police Surveillance is Big Business

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This is the second of a couple of posts written by Kevin Blowe in advance of the ‘Standing Up To Surveillance’ conference hosted by Fitwatch and Netpol on Sunday. It is reproduced by permission from his blog Random Blowe In January, I idly speculated in a piece for Red Pepper that groups who increasingly challenge […]

Rethinking the politics of kettling

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This is the first of two articles written by Kevin Blowe in preparation for the ‘Standing up to Surveillance’ conference tomorrow, at which he is speaking. Reproduced from his blog Random Blowe with permission. An online campaign calling for a ban on kettling seems, on the face of it, like a complete no-brainer for anyone […]

Political Policing, UKUncut and 26 March

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Last Saturday the police charged 138 people for peacefully occupying Fortnum and Masons with aggravated trespass. Most were kept for over 24 hours, had their clothing and phones seized, and were given bail conditions preventing them attending the royal wedding or Mayday. Many commentators have criticised the waste in police resources in arresting so many […]