Activists to deal with troublemakers on 26 March – Fitwatch spoof on recent Met statements

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Fitwatch will be deploying activists on 26 March in case of trouble from Forward Intelligence Teams, specialist police units who hijack demonstrations and violate human rights legislation. This is a family event and it is our absolute hope police officers will come peacefully, but there is a public expectation that if protesters are photographed and […]

Police exert control on 26 March protest

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It was, of course, expected that the TUC would work with the police in the planning of their protest on the 26th March. But the TUC has not stopped at discussing logistics and route planning. For this demonstration the TUC has been co-opted into the entire policing operation, bringing about a whole new level of […]

Fit in trouble again

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Forward intelligence policing is once again in the media spotlight after news today that a complaint has been launched by a 20 year old student, who claims not only was he falsely, and violent arrested – he sustained a chipped tooth during the arrest- but also the arresting FIT officer colluded with other officers to […]