Violence at TUC demo – EK 148 – Hatcher

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The following text is taken from Freedom EK 148 can now be identified as Hatcher – identified from the Fitwatch spotter card VIOLENCE AT TUC DEMO Published March 27, 2011 Violent thug who seriously injured a girl at yesterday’s protest Freedom exposes one of the known hardcore troublemakers intent on violence at the March 26th […]

Serious violence by police at protest party.

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Forget what the mainstream media are saying about the black block, the most serious violence yesterday was probably the attack by police on partying crowd that was gathered in Trafalgar square. Senior police officers had warned in the run up to the March 26 protests that any occupation of Trafalgar square would be dealt with […]

Surveillance policing and the TUC march

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On the eve of what will probably be the biggest demonstration seen in the UK for many years, it is probably a good time to give a little blog space over to looking at the role of Forward Intelligence Teams and the various intelligence gathering strategies that will operate on such massive events. Intelligence gathering […]

Top Ten Nasty FIT cops – Nos 1&2 Discombe and Cowlin.

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Unlike many FIT cops, who only take on FIT duties at major events, these two are full time intelligence officers for CO11, the public order unit of the Metropolitan police. For this reason alone they warrant being top of the table. Discombe and Cowlin lead and direct FIT teams, making sure they gather their ‘intelligence’ […]

Top ten nasty FIT cops No3 Alan Palfrey

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Alan Palfrey is a regular FIT member, with a knack of being in all the wrong places. He was at the massive climate camp in Kingsnorth in 2008, where ‘intelligence gathering’ hit new heights as thousands of protesters were stopped, searched and pressurised to give their personal details. A fair part of this stop and […]

Top ten Nasty FIT cops – 4&5 Guy Rooney and Glenn Williams

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These two are both regular FIT officers, often out accompanying FIT photographers. Their job is to gather intelligence. They tell the photographers which shots to get, and make audio recordings of everything they want to note. The audio recordings they make end up as CRIMINT reports, which are entered onto the CRIMINT (criminal intelligence) database. […]

Top ten nasty FIT cops. No6 Gavin Paul

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Like numbers 8 and 9, Gavin Paul is a civilian photographer, not a cop, although he behaves like one. A long serving and experienced FIT photographer, he has shoved his camera in the faces of thousands of protesters. And he doesn’t mind using a bit of muscle. Gavin Paul was one of the FIT photographers […]

Top Ten nasty FIT cops – No7 EK68

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We don’t know the name (yet) of this cop, but believe he needs to be up there on this list, after he was snapped punching a woman outside the Egyptian embassy during a student protest. The picture doesn’t show his shoulder number clearly, but with other information we have received we have managed to identify […]

Top Ten nasty FIT cops Nos 8 and 9

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Ok, these are our number eight and nine. Admittedly, they are not proper cops, because the Met employs professional photographers to take their pics. (unlike other forces, who simply hand a cop a camera…). But we think they qualify for inclusion here anyway. These two have been in the game a long time. They both […]