Oppose intelligence led policing

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Aaron Porter, the NUS leader who has consistently condemned violence and property damage on demonstrations, has now joined ex cop Brian Paddick in calling for the Met to improve its intelligence gathering. The best case scenario is Mr Porter is ignorant and should talk to a few of the activists and organisers who have been […]

Met’s published photos – info for students id’d

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Once again the Met have released a set of images of people they want in connection with the student protests last Thursday. If you or one of your mates is one of them, you’ll be worried and unsure about what to do. Before you do anything, read this first. The dilemma is this – if […]

Police claim they ‘showed restraint’ at student demo.

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Thousands of police were on the streets yesterday, many equipped with hard hats and weapons from the start, all intent on imprisoning protesters in a makeshift detention centre outside the houses of parliament. They viciously and repeatedly beat protesters around the head, leaving one twenty year old with life threatening injuries, and dozens more hospitalised. […]

Fitwatch: we are everywhere – news from around the country

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During the last two weeks of protests, FIT and EGTs have been busy around the country trying to document all the new ‘domestic extremists’ suddenly flooding the streets. Fitwatch have received reports and photos of police teams working across the country from Cornwall to Scotland. However, everywhere they go people are challenging what they are […]

Call to Resist Police Data Gathering

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This building up of ‘intelligence’ on political protesters must be resisted. The police have admitted building up information on police databases, and using intelligence to actively ‘disrupt’ groups or individuals involved in planning or co-ordinating protest. This is not something any of us should help them with!