students get the upper hand

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Students in London today did a brilliant job of avoiding and evading police kettles, keeping the coppers on the run for most of the day. Rapid movement and a spontaneous route kept the demo ahead of police lines. The Met, clearly run ragged, whinged that the demo had started too early and caught them out! […]

Undercover cops at Top Shop flash mob

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The following undercover cops were spotted at the Top Shop flash mob yesterday. FITwatch do not normally publish photos of undercover cops, because there is so much speculation and suspicion on protests. However, these photographs came from a trusted source who overheard them talking. It is highly likely these two will be out today, keep […]

Defend the Dissent!

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24th November has been called as national walkout for schools, colleges and universities. In London, a Carnival of Resistance has been called with an assembly point called for 11am at ULU, Malet Street. Undoubtedly the cops will be out in force, with a salivating MET keen to be let off their post G20 leash. It […]

Messsage of support from our new hosts

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Fitwatch have been overwhelmed, amazed and grateful for the amount of support we have received. The courage of the 100+ people who have re-posted the offending article should not be underestimated. We also received many offers and suggestions for new hosting, and it is down to the hard work of the people at and […]

We’re back!

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And with a secure server, massive coverage and a clear message that we’re here to stay. On Monday night we received notification that our site had been suspended due to “attempting to pervert the course of justice” due to our posting offering advice to the Millbank students. Whilst the email requesting the site be closed […]

Police seek to capitalise on student demo to justify further repression and their own budgets

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Although the actions of the students last week were inspiring and empowering, it should come as no surprise the media savvy police are using it as an ideal opportunity to both fight back against cuts to their budgets and to counter the recent bad press regarding protest policing. The NCDE domestic extremist units are claiming […]

Beating police repression after the student occupation.

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The remarkable and brilliant student action at Millbank has produced some predictable frothing at the mouth from the establishment and right wing press. Cameron has called for the ‘full weight of the law’ to fall on those who had caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage to the expensive decor at Tory party HQ. […]

Trident Ploughshares pacifists are Domestic Extremists??!

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The ‘specialist’ police units headed up by NCDE (National Co-ordinator for Domestic Extremism’) define domestic extremism as “individuals or groups whose activities go outside the normal democratic process and engage in crime and disorder in order to further their campaign”. Examples of this include “public disorder offences, malicious letters and e-mails, blackmail, product contamination, damage […]